Fish Wrangler AutoBot 1.03

Surprisingly, nobody seen to tell me there is a bug in the script where the script doesn’t play any sound when found treasure chests if you are using secure connection (https) in Facebook. Hmm, I wonder if any player still using it, else I might just stop updating the script.

Script Description

Fish Wrangler AutoBot is a simple user script to automate the process of catching fish in Fish Wrangler application in Facebook. In a simple word, bot for Fish Wrangler. Time of next rod cast will show on the webpage title and page. Users can customize the script according to their need by themselves such as add extra random time delay before casting the rod (Please look for UserPreferenceSetting in the script).


Main Features

  • Automatically cast rod when time’s up with extra random time define by user.
  • Show next rod casting time and others timer in the page and title.
  • Play music when found treasure cheats.
  • Cross-browsers support.

Paltform Support

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey add-on (Tested with Mozilla Firefox 8.0.1 with Greasemonkey 0.9.13 add-on)
  • Opera (Tested with Opera 11.50)
  • Google Chrome (Tested with Google Chrome 15.0)


  • Use this script at your own risk because AutoBot script is again the rule set by Fish Wrangler, that is users are prohibits the use of auto-refreshers, BOTs, constantly refreshing the Fish Now link.
  • You are reminded not to use your real name or the same name you use in Facebook to post / reply discussion here because some one might go after you and please don’t ask me why I use my real name here.
  • Do uninstall any other Fish Wrangler automation scripts or auto page reload scripts before install this script to prevent conflict with this script.

Known Issues

  • The script may appear much later after the page had loaded.

How to Install User Script


Download through userscript website.


Version 1.03

  • Fix no sound when found treasure chests running on secure connection.
  • Sound for treasure chests is now play direct from the script instead of stream it from other site (only for Firefox and Opera web browser).

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


13 thoughts on “Fish Wrangler AutoBot 1.03

  1. I noticed the bug but I thought it was just me because I’ve switched from Windows to Linux and thought I had something configured wrong. Thanks for the update! 🙂


  2. Thanks for this simple to use extension.

    I had no idea that there was no auto-update, and I had to update this extension myself. But this is not important at all.

    Anyways, before v1.03, I was still using v1.00, and there was this message: “Some one stole our fishing rod”.

    My guess is that fishwrangler is filtering out possible autobots? Has anyone encountered this problem?


  3. Hi, I’m using your script and is so far the best for FW. I only have two problems using this script. First is when entering the page with Mystery tackle boxes ( it reloads again and opens the page where I can’t send MTB to my fellow wranglers. Second problem is when on My Profile page, after minute it takes me again to default page ( And I also had sometimes the error message as fisherman’s wrangler mentioned before >>Some one steal our fishing rod<<.

    Thanks for making this script a doing improvements to it.


  4. Hey dude may I know why does the bot displays ‘Someone steal our fishing rods’ whenever i open the page? (Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the main page.) Thanks. 😀


  5. A friend of mine introduced me to your script and I have to say, this is really reliable! As a side note, it keeps me from looking like an OCD player of the game having to check every other moment for the ‘Fish now!’ button. =P

    Your efforts are appreciated by many, and I really think any update can only make it better, keep it up!


  6. Script is wonderful, and you’re right sounds no longer play when treasure chest is found. Actually I kinda like it as the sound from the game is way too loud. I really like you script since FW has changed their coding as the other more complicated scripts no longer work. Keep up the good work!


  7. Hi again, some other feedback for this script. In Chrome, this script stopped to cast automaticaly, when opened new window and timer is on FISH NOW. Before it automatically casted the rod, when I opened the page for the first time that day. Now only after I click on the FISH NOW button, then appears next cast in 30sec, and the script is normally functioning from this point on. As mentioned before, the script also stopped to play music when treasure is found. Previous problems I wrote before are still occuring, hope there will be soon a 1.04 version.

    Looking forward to get this problems fixed, and I very appreciate your efforts to upgrade this for all of us.


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