How to Disable Buzz in Gmail

After a week of having Google Buzz in my Gmail, I decided to disable it. Google Buzz for me is just another spam box in Gmail. Basically all my friends whom use Buzz already have a Twitter account and they just integrate their Twitter with Buzz. What Buzz do is just simply duplicating all tweets in Twitter into Buzz. Although most of my friends do duplicate their tweets to Facebook as well, but the duplication in Facebook is almost real time but Buzz take hours to duplicate a new tweet.

I have a twitter notification application installed on my laptop, it show the tweet I follow almost real time. When I check on my Gmail and see those outdated tweets on top of my Buzz, it makes me feel the same as I was looking at those spam mails in my spam box. Although keeping Buzz in Gmail does not hurt (I assume it consume a little bandwidth only because it update so slow), but why do I need another duplicated application at there and waste my little bandwidth. Sorry Buzz, and good bye. Until I found a better reason, else I won’t enable Buzz in my Gmail again.

To disable Google Buzz, simply go to bottom of Gmail and click on “turn off buzz”, then Gmail will reload with version without Buzz.

If later, you decide to turn on Google Buzz, just need to go to bottom of Gmail and click on “turn on buzz”.

by Ooi Keng Siang

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