MouseHunt Travel Advisory Script Hit 100 Download

Yeah, Mousehunt Travel Advisory script hit 100 downloads today on This number is just merely from and did not include download from my homepage. Although 100 hits is just small amount for others, but this is a great milestone for me to continue move forward.

It has been almost a month since I write this script from group up. From zero knowledge about user script and very little theoretical knowledge about javascript until the script complete. A way to polish my javascript skill huh? From installing different browsers to test the script for portability, until today I used all 3 browsers for my daily life. Sound a bit crazy huh? Thanks to my friend’s help in finding bug in the script so that I can fix all the bugs in the script. Testing is very important ya! Well, I can said by writing this script, I have learned a lot of thing where I can’t found in class room.

Well, let’s stop talking about my long winded story, I guess no one is interested. Let’s get something to work. Shall I add auto travel function in the script? One click button and the script will help you travel using the cheapest path to destination. I wonder this is violating the term & condition of MouseHunt or not. Another idea is maybe I should just add (not replace!) the feature like travel planner where user can select the departure location and destination they want, because some of the users are actually planing future traveling before they reach that location. So what do you think? Come tell me in the comment!

MouseHunt longtail (version 3.0) is releasing soon, I hope it won’t completely screw up the script. Even it did screw up the script, I’m ready to fix it as soon as possible.

Don’t know about MouseHunt Travel Advisory script? Check it out at website or my homepage.

by Ooi Keng Siang

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