Meeting Up with Steve Ballmer

25th  May 2010 was the most amazing day in my life because there were just too many amazing things happen on the same day. I get the chances to had a close contact with Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and Tony Fernandas, the CEO of AirAsia. Weren’t this was just too amazing?

25th of May 2010 was the day of Microsoft cloud online service launching at Malaysia. Steve Ballmer had come all the way to Malaysia to speak for the cloud online service launching here at PICC, Malaysia. Team HDC (Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia Champion) and my team were lucky enough to get invited to attend this event. After the cloud online service introduction, my team was call upon to the stage to receive a certification hand by Steve! This was the first time I get the chances to shake the hand with Steve and receive certification from him for our success in last year Imagine Cup 2009 at Egypt. Team HDC even received a Malaysia flag from MOHE to show that they were now officially representing Malaysia. I bet they have lot of pressure now.

After that, we also given a chances to share our Imagine Cup project with Steve. We provided a space to setup our booth to present out solution. But due to time constraint, we were only given 30 seconds for the presentation. 30 seconds! That was like an evaluator pitch, it may sound so short for others but it was really long for us. Lucky, my team member Matthew make it through (He was the main presenter that day). Kind of relief after that.

Since we had nothing better to do until 5 (Taxi scheduled to pick us up at 5), so we stay at our booth and see who ever interested on our project. Out of a sudden, my friend spotted Tony walking alone very casually toward our direction (AirAsia booth is just beside us). “Eh, who is that?”, this was the first thing come across my mind and my friend told me, “That is the CEO of AirAsia, moron!”. Gosh! So sorry that I’m such a frog in the well. Tony was kind enough to spend some time listen to Team HDC and our team presentation. One of the Microsoft Student Partner even requested Tong to sign on his shirt! A CEO of multi-nation company yet so friendly and low to the ground, cool man!

Before we close our booth at 5. We received a lot of feedback on our solution VHC (business part). Some of them were really good feedbacks that burning up my spirit. Seriously, I’m bad in business and had very little idea on business, but maybe I will give it a try. Time to polish up the solution!

by Ooi Keng Siang

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