Imagine Cup 2011 USA Local Final

USA just finished their Imagine Cup 2011 local final round. Note-Taker from Arizona State University had won the first prize in Software Design category. They will be represent USA for the worldwide final at their home country. So what is their project all about?

Note-Taker is an assistive technology to help low-vision and legally blind students take notes in class as quickly and effectively as their fully sighted peers. The project combines a portable, custom-designed camera and a touch-screen tablet PC to allow the user to simultaneously view live video and take typed or hand-written notes on a split-screen interface. The Note-Taker project was inspired by one of the team’s legally blind members, David Hayden, who was unable to keep up with note-taking in blackboard-intensive math courses.

For more information check out the winner list and the second round finalists with all the project detail.

The website had updated so fast that they are now calling registration for Imagine Cup 2012 already. If you are in US and you miss out the chances this year, register now and start your journey here today.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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