Why Orchard CMS is Not Good for Blogging

Previously, I had been busy exploring Orchard CMS verion 1.1 that I had just installed. Orchard CMS is a free, open source, community-focused content management system aimed at delivering applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform. Microsoft Malaysia is running a series of competition for Orchard CMS.

Since Orchard came with a Blog receipt, so I decided to build my Ooiks Blog using Orchard as the exercise. Although I’m perfectly understand that Orchard is still new and a CMS does not mean a good tool for building blog website compare with other available tool like WordPress which was customized specially for blogging, but Orchard just did not pass my minimum requirement for a tool to build blog website.

Reason #1 – No Back Post

Orchard allow user to publish the post immediately or later by specified date, but user can’t back post on the date in the past. That mean I can’t manually import my blog post from other blog like WordPress to Orchard because the date will change to today’s date. This is not annoying enough, every time I update a post that I found a minor error there, it force me to publish again on today’s date. If I correct a post in last week, it will become the post I post today and go all the way up to the first post.

Reason #2 – No category

I like to group my blog posts into multiple categories because I used to blog more than one topic on my blog for example Imagine Cup and AutoBot. This enable my readers to browse to specified category they want. Although Orchard’s build-in blog provide tag feature, but it missing category feature which I want the most.

Reason #3 – Limited Modules and Themes

I know Orchard is new that is the reason why it have so few Modules and Themes available to download, but there are just too few of them to select, not to include those useless module and theme. Orchard need more modules and themes to attract more user to use it.

Hope next version of Orchard will solve those problems and provide more feature for blogging.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


3 thoughts on “Why Orchard CMS is Not Good for Blogging

  1. I would have to disagree on points one and two. You can import through the import tool or as said above command line.

    You can also create categories. Have that set up now for one of my clients.

    As for the modules they make it so easy to create your own custom ones and everything is extendable.


  2. Reason #1 – No Back Post <- Wrong ! There is
    Reason #2 – No category <- Wrong ! There is

    U can handle post datetime in orchard also can schedule for publish later
    There is Taxonomies and hierarchical term for category management also you can create yours…


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