Tell Us Your Imagine Cup Story

Are you a previous Imagine Cup competitor? We want to share with the world your journey through the Imagine Cup competition. Your story, if selected, will be posted on the Imagine Cup website or we may contact you to collect more information. Each month we will feature as many new stories as we can.


Please answer the following questions and send them to, and don’t forget to include a picture of you and your team. All answers need to be in English, please.

1. Why did you choose the Imagine Cup competition?
2. What inspired you to create your project?
3. What year did your team compete and what was your team name?
4. What are you doing now with your project?


Want to know more about previous Imagine Cup competitor’s story? You can always find it out at Imagine Cup official website. So share with us your story. If you haven’t join Imagine Cup before, take a look at their story and create your own story by joining Imagine Cup today.


by Ooi Keng SiangMSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog 

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