Imagine Cup 2012 Malaysia Final – Day 2 Summary

Finally the judgment day has arrival. A series of judging process is waiting for the competitors in order to selected the top 6 finalist out from 30 teams. Then then top 6 teams will be present again in the second round of presentation in order decide which team will be the ultimate winner of  this year Imagine Cup 2012 Malaysia final.

During the round one of final, 3 group of judges will be walk from booth to booth to evaluate each team. All teams are given 10 minutes of presentation time + 5 minutes of Q&A section. This is the toughest round in the final because competitors are only given 10 minutes to present which is very short. Besides, it is an open booth presentation where judges can be very easy distract by other things happen around them if the competitor’s presentation was not good enough. Competitiors in order to make their presentation more lively in order to let the judges concentrate on their presentation, quite a number of teams use role-playing presentation style and add some funny laughing elements inside which is very effective and powerful to keep judges happy all the way until the presentation end.

This year, I can see a lot of teams utilizing a lot of Microsoft latest technology compare with last year. I saw a lot of teams using Windows Phone 7, Kinect for Windows, Windows 8, Windows Azure and many more . It is a good sight showing that the Malaysian students nowadays are more willing to explore the latest technologies and utilize them in their academic project. At the same time saving the planet as well. The project quality are also getting better and better.

The top 6 teams that successfully enter the second round was announced before the lunch time. Congratulation to the top 6 teams whom make it into the finalist. For those who didn’t make it into the finalist, don’t be so disappointed because coming all the way to the final is not easy. We should be more positive and learn from others in the competition. For the top 6 list and video, I had write another blog post specially for that, check it here.

The top 6 teams will be give 20 minutes to present their solution and 10 minutes for Q&A during the second round. Although it is a close room presentation just like previous year, but this year we have direct live streaming for those not in the room. Everyone get to learn about the top 6 teams solution without disturbing them during the presentation. Oh, did I mention there will be 10 judges to judge each of the top 6 teams. I bet the finalists are very stress.

Although I can’t list out the detail of each presentation one by one here in the blog post, but overall the top 6 teams presentation are very impressive. We even have the last year winning of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia in the top 6. The top 6 competition is going to be very tough. It is very hard to tell which team will win and I bet the judges as feeling the same. Anyway, we shall know the answer tonight.

Looking for all the winners list? Here is the this year winners.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

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