Get Ready for WOWZAPP 2012 in Malaysia


A few more days to go before WOWZAPP Malaysia 2012 kick start! So what is this WOWZAPP first? Just in case if you don’t know what is WOWZAPP, it is a worldwide hackathon for developers to get building cool apps for Windows 8. There are thousands of developers around the world building apps for the next generation of Windows during this event. WOWZAPP in Malaysia will be on 10-11 Nov 2012 at MMU, Cyberjaya. Music, free food, expert help, free resources will be available there to assist your learning and coding without sleep. Maybe a bit of sleep.

For more information:

You might think what is the fun of joining this event. Through this event, student get the chances to meet with different students from different universitis in Malaysia, connect with industrial professionals, win some amazing prizes including Lenovo Ideapad Yoga, Acer S7 untralbook, Windows Phone, cash prize and more. This is the place where students can shine their talents! Of course, there are lot of fun other than just coding all day long.

Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) Malaysia will cover the event live through different social media channels. If you are interested to see what happen, then follow us in those channels in 10-11 Nov 2012 then.


Students in Malaysia are already very excited even before the WOWZAPP start! We change our Facebook cover photo to share the event with everyone. Here are some of the great cover photo I found. You can find more in MSP Malaysia fans page too.

Designed by Anna Hui


Designed by Alexander Wong


Designed by Wendy Lau


Designed by TianSu


Designed by XiaoXiao Pang


I won’t miss out this party for sure. I also came out my own cover photo with character from Plants vs Zombies. By the way, why you see so many zombies in WOWZAPP promotion art or poster? This is because WOWZAPP is a 36 hours sleepless hackaton which we believe everyone will turn into zombie after the event end! That why we have so many zombies in the photo!



by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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