Memory Leak in Inneractive Ad SDK 1.1.2 for Windows Phone 7

Recently I have been trying different advertisement providers for my Windows Phone apps. Inneractive was one of them. It is relative easy to setup and the SDK is well documented. Everything go smooth at first, then I realize my app force close due to running out of memory for a few times which cause me to investigate what actually cause the memory leak in my app.

After spending a lot of time investigate what went wrong, I suspect Inneractive Ad control was causing the memory leak. This because whenever the ad is show in my app, the memory is not release completely after the page is close. In order to prove that, I have created a 2 page Windows Phone project with Inneractive ad control and I was right. The Inneractive ad control is leaking memory. Although the amount is small, it is important in my app because I display at 2 ads in one page and this can really drive up the memory very fast and force the app to terminate.

I have attached the project where I use to investigate the interactive if you are interested. Notice that I have already removed my Inneractive ad id, so you need your own Inneractive ad id to make it run correctly. Below are a few screen shots of the project I used to testing. The number on top are total memory available, peek memory used in app, and current memory used. The screen shots show that with Inneractive ad control, the memory can bump up from 18MB to 90MB+ and even 150MB (OS will terminate your app at this point).


Project Source Code: InneractiveMemoryTest

Currently I have no solution for this problem yet and I never tried the Inneractive SDK for Windows Phone 8 yet because I’m still supporting users whom still using Windows Phone 7. I’m forced to remove the Inneractive ad from my app for now. I’m trying to get contact with the Inneractive support team and see if they have any solution for me. Will update this post once I have any solution.

[Update 17 Dec 2013] Inneractive Support Manager finally replied my e-mail after I file the complain 3 months ago. They mention they realize about the memory leak problem but no specify date when it will done the fixing.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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