Payload Contains Two or More Files with The Same Destination Path Error in UWP

Encounter the following error after I update all my nuget package in my UWP project including Azure Mobile Crashes package.

error APPX1101: Payload contains two or more files with the same destination path ‘WatsonRegistrationUtility.dll’.

At first I though the new package is broken, so I downgrade the package yet the problem persisted even after I do a clean up and rebuild. Some search on Stackoverflow doesn’t help. For example update my UWP library version or clean up bin or obj folder.

Apparently I need to do more to get rip of the problem. The following is thing I tried in order to get my project to compile successfully again.

  • Remove any conflict / additional import in your project.nuget.targets for example: I need to remove “<Import Project=”$(NuGetPackageRoot)\0.15.1\build\uap10.0\Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Crashes.targets” Condition=”Exists(‘$(NuGetPackageRoot)\0.15.1\build\uap10.0\Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Crashes.targets’)” />
  • Remove any duplicated or conflict reference on the project Reference (through Solution Panel)
  • Manually remove bin folder and obj folder (need to close the project / visual studio to do that)
  • Rebuild the whole solution.

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