Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 2 – Competition Begin

Today is the judgment day! The day begin with briefing for the student about the competition that will be running today and activity that we are going to have in the next few days at New York City. We have Lisa Harper (Imagine Cup Worldwide Competition Manager), Suzi LeVine (PR), Chris Yates (Security) and Walid (the big boss) on the stage to brief all the competitors.

We had judges around the world to sit in and watch the great solution bring by students in Software Design, Embedded Development and Game Design. IT Challenge and Digital Media will be running all day long, student need to compete with others and the time to make sure they complete their task in the given time. Competition for Windows Phone 7  and Interoperability Challenge will be kick start tomorrow instead. This is going to be a busy and exciting day for everyone.

Although I know lot of competitors stay up late last night for today presentation preparation, but all of them are excited and ready to give all judges a big bang of what they have. Being part of the Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Social Media Team give  the chances to watch all those great and amazing solution developed by the students first hand. The judges were impressed about the student creativity and so am I. They are just so great! Well, after all their are the best in their country that why they represent their country to the worldwide final.

Check out Team MACARA, Team Gototkaca, Team Cyber Knightz and Team NewKrean action on their presentation from the photo. They are doing a very great job and judge are impressed with their project. I’m not going to tell you what great project the student made here, but you can check out their projects at People’s Choice Award and make sure you vote for them if you like their project. Just 2 more days left, better be hungry if you want to support them. Imagine Cup is not only about competition, we also have fun time like Xbox 360 and XBox Kinect ready for students to play.

After all the tough competition, the result of the teams that advanced to second round of Software Design and Embedded Development will be announce at night. While waiting for the judges to sort out the result, the competitors are so excited. They bring their own flag, sing their country’s song, shouting their country name, hooping around and many more! That is the Imagine Cup spirit!

For even better, Lisa announced that Microsoft is giving out XBox 360 as the lucky draw on the section of Kinect App-a-Thon that will be happen tomorrow. More good stuff for the student ya. How I wish I’m a competitor this year! I’m so envy them!

The judges are sure having a hard time deciding which teams success enter the next round as they are taking more time then expected. But at last, 15 Teams of Embedded Development and 18 Team of Software Design will announced on the stage. Check out the list below to know who they are:

Embedded Development (15 teams)

  • Brazil, Embedded Brain
  • China, Harmonicare
  • Colombia, Freakin’ Mind
  • Egypt, ideas 4 u
  • France, Give Me 4
  • India, Drushti
  • Indonesia, MACARA
  • Poland, WCY_TEAM
  • Romania, Endeavour_Design
  • Russia, Calvus
  • Singapore, Skynet
  • Spain, Argitech
  • Taiwan, N THUCS,
  • United Kingdom, Cycling into trees
  • United States, Syntax Errors

Software Design (18 teams)

  • Brazil, LevelUP
  • Chile, Lifeware S.A.C.
  • China, Care Everyone
  • Croatia, apptenders
  • Czech Republic, Celebrio Software
  • Finland, Team 25k
  • India, Infiniti
  • Ireland, Team Hermes
  • Jordan, OaSys
  • Malaysia, Team Cyber Knightz
  • Morocco , White Light
  • New Zealand, OneBuzz
  • Romania, SIMPLEX
  • Russia, OriTeam
  • Slovakia, Zippers
  • Slovenia, 2ndSight
  • Ukraine, DashPoint
  • United States, Team Note-Taker

For those teams won’t can made into the second round, don’t give up now as you all have came so far and you represent the best of your own country. All finalist are the winner of this competition. this should be the beginning of the journey to create a better tomorrow and not the end of the journey.

Competition for Windows Phone 7 and  Interoperability Challenge will be kick start tomorrow, as well as second round of Software Design presentation and Embedded Development presentation. IT Challenge and Digital Media are still going on now. We also got a lot of learning sessions including Kinect App-a-Thon that are going to happen tomorrow. So stay tune on my Blog or Twitter, or check out the official Imagine Cup’s Twitter for the most latest update.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 1 – Opening Ceremony

This is the day, where Imagine Cup 2011 will be kick start tonight at New York. Lot of teams had arrived today in order to attend this great event. I can see the excitement is all over the hotel and every corner. Teams are busying drawing on on the Hello Booth, press from around the world are busying catching the competitors for interview and MSP social media team is busy learning the story of the team and many more.

Imagine Cup 2011 is officially kick off during the Opening Ceremony at night. We have a lot of excitement in opening ceremony of Imagine Cup this year. We have Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Cooperation for the first time at the Imagine Cup. He is not here only to support the competitors but also bring lot of exciting news for all the competitor. All worldwide finalist will be bring home a Kinect this year. Aren’t it is so good to be truth? Besides, Steve Ballmer also hint that there will be a next batch of Windows Phone 7 and Xbox that are going to release on coming X’mas.

Check out Steve Ballmer speech at Imagine Cup here.

Other than Steve Ballmer, we also have Jon Perera (Microsoft Education General Manager), Jeffery Sachs (Director of The Earth Institute, Columbia University) and Dennis Crowley (Co-founder & CEO of Foursquare) for the first time at Imagine Cup. Jeffery Sachs challenge the students by giving them a homework assignment where they need to figure out how to save the planet while Dennis Crowley share the experience of his journey co-founding Foursquare with the competitors.

Check out the video capture by MSP Social Media Team in Imagine Cup 2011 Opening Ceremony here and check out the photo below also.

This year Imagine Cup have a super exciting kick start by all the great people and exciting news. Let’s siting down and see what great ideas will bring by students to solve the world toughest problems tomorrow as the real competition will be start tomorrow. Stay tune on my Blog or Twitter, or check out the official Imagine Cup’s Twitter for the most latest update.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Day 1

Finally is the day, Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia local final at Kuching, Sarawak. I took an early flight from Penang to Kuching together with Team 1StepAway and Team Vertex. It was a smooth ride I can said. Actually I though Imagine Cup this year will be roughly the same with last year at Pulau Langkawi, but I was wrong. This year is more grand, huge and lot nicer compare with last year.

This year Imagine Cup Malaysia is held at Pullman Kuching Hotel. It was really a nice hotel for having Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. While all the competitions whom already arrival are busy setting up and declaring their booth, I run around and took some pictures of the event. One thing I notice this year is, most competitions come with well prepare compare with last year. They bring a lot of stuffs to declare the booth, equipments for tomorrow booth presentation, their own team T-shirt and so on. Well done. I can see the quality of Imagine Cup this year has improved compare with last year.

Other then that, the MSP team also prepared a lot of fun activities for the competitors. For example, MSP team is giving 3 minutes to each team to share what they want to tell the others about Imagine Cup. I see a lot of team come out with very creative way to express their idea. Besides, MSP team is also prepare a lot of activity to keep our competitors busy tomorrow, so that they can enjoy the most out of it tomorrow (let’s not let the cat out of the bag yet). Not to forget the Kinect and XBox game tomorrow too. Good jobs MSP teams!

After brief all the competitors the flow of the competition. A welcoming dinner is waiting for us. We are having our welcoming dinner at Grand Margherita Hotel instead. A thumb up for this one too. We have a live dance and live band for the dinner. Of course great food as well. Aren’t it just sound like the international Imagine Cup? At the end of the dinner, all team went up to the stage to receive a token of participating in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. Some of the teams even bring their university’s flag. Sweet!

I super duper looking forward to tomorrow event where Top 30 teams need to present their idea to everyone. I will definitely run around and learn as many stories as I can. Interesting day waiting for me. Check out the picture.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog