Google+ Profile Custom / Username Link

Google Plus Logo

A lot of you might have an account in Google+ already and those of you who are working with social networking might already posting lot of stuff at there already. One problem you encounter is that you are unable to customize your Google+ profile URL with your own username like Facebook or Twitter which was very troublesome when you want to tell other your Google+ profile link.

Instead of showing it show . You want something more meaningful to represent your profile link to others. Although some of you might use your own domain name to redirect to your own Google+ profile or use some shorten URL service to achieve the same thing, that taught by many websites, but there is already a security concern about this unknown domain name of your own or unknown destination of the shorten URL compare with some domain linke or can provide. For example, you will be more happy to click into than http://tinyurl/facebook-username/ right?

Enough of the explanation. Actually Google already have what we want, just we don’t realize or or knowing it. Since all user information in Google+ is taken from Google Profile, then actually by using your Google Profile URL now, it redirect to your Google+ profile instead now. For example: . Just in case you don’t know what to put into your username, just put the username you login to your gmail. It work perfectly for me (

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog