Silverlight for “Smart” Programmer

Just came back from Imagine Cup Workshop (Northern Region) .  Although some accident happen yesterday and we are force to delay the workshop from Saturday to Sunday, but lucky the workshop went smooth today. Meet a lot of great Imagine Cup participants from UUM and USM. As I’m not really good in design (in fact, I’m suck on design), I was only in charge on a small part of the workshop only. Koekoe and Matt do all the great show while I’m sit there listening and learning with others too!

As I promise that I will share my slide with everyone, that is the reason why I write this post. Although I don’t think my slide is very useful for everyone especially those who already master Silverlight, but I think it might still be very useful to those who want to try Silverlight out or want to improve their Silverlight interface in short time.

Presentation Slide: Imagine Cup Workshop

by Ooi Keng Siang

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