How to Configure Outlook 2010 for USM Student Mail (Updated)

If you are a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students and you have Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed on your PC. You might have the trouble connecting your Microsoft Outlook 2010 with your student mail, just like me. Thing get worse when the student mail fully migrate to Microsoft Exchange instead of hosting on live server which cause hotmail connector no longer work. I’m not going to use POP3 setting like the FAQ mention in USM Mail website, who the hack on earth still using POP3 anyway. If you setup your Outlook to use IAMP for USM student mail like what I did previously, you will have a lot of trouble like confirm the certificate every time open Outlook or some time cannot connect to the server!

Enough of the problems. Now I’m here to share how I’m able to fully connected to the mail server.

1. Close your Microsoft Outlook if is open (Install Microsoft Outlook first if you haven’t done so).

2. Go to Control Panel  > Mail (32-bit)

3. Click on  E-mail Accounts…

4.  Click on New… under E-mail tab (You must remove your student mail account you had previously configure into the Microsft Outlook which will be listed below.)

5.  Select E-mail Account and click Next on the bottom.

6.  Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next on the bottom.

7. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service  and click Next on the bottom. (If you why Microsoft Exchange, the new student mail had moved to Microsoft Exchange server instead of Live server)

8.  Enter “” into Server and your student mail address ( into User Name and click More Settings… on the bottom. (If you wonder where to get the server name, check the information bellow) (Don’t click on Check Name now, it will fail for sure)

9. Select Connection tab and check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP under Outlook Anyway. Then click Exchange Proxy Setting…

10. Enter “” into the proxy server and select Basic Authentication for Proxy authentication settings then click OK on the bottom.  (If you wonder where to get the proxy server name, check the information bellow)

11. Click OK again to close the dialog for Exchange setting.

12. Now you can click on Check Name to see if all configuration is correct or not. If everything go right, you shall see a dialog pop up to call you enter the password. You shall see the Server and User Name changed to text with underline if all configuration success. Click Next.

13. Click Finish on the bottom and we are done!

14. Open your Microsoft Outlook and you will have your e-mail there.


If you want to know how to get the server name and proxy server name. Here is how you get that.

1. Login to your email through web browser.

2. Click on the help icon and select About.

3. Exchange Client Access server name is the server name for the mail box and Host name is the proxy server name for login.


The major problem for USM student mail is they use Microsoft Exchange server by still using live ID for authentication. Thus by using default Microsoft Exchange Server setting or Live Mail setting will not work at all. I’m very disappointed on how USM provide support on their e-mail service. After long explain on how great they now move to a new server but tell user to use POP3 setting. Then what is the point offering calendar service while we only can use POP3 setting for Outlook?

P.S.: Using Windows Live Mail program for USM student mail will only allow you to receive e-mail but it won’t be able to send out e-mail due to Windows Live Mail program only support SSL connection while USM student mail require TLS connection.

by Ooi Keng Siang (Microsoft Student Partners) via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2007 – 2011 Yearbook

If you heard of Microsoft Imagine Cup you will probably know students use their creativity and innovation to solve the world toughest problems, those real world problems around us. In case if you just get to know about this amazing competition recently and you want to know more about what students are capable to do all this year of Imagine Cup, you can always check out their project through Imagine Cup Yearbook that was printed every year.

The Imagine Cup Yearbook is also a good resource for competitor who want to join in next year Imagine Cup 2012 at Australia. Check out what other competitor had done in the past. Bare in mind that not all ideas are unique, but is your job to make your idea better than the others. You can found the Imagine Cup yearbook since year 2007 until year 2011 at the link below.

Imagine Cup Yearbook download:!274


by Ooi Keng Siang (MSPSMT) via Ooiks’s Blog

Setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 for USM Student Mail

This no longer work after USM move the server to Microsoft Exchange server. Check my latest post instead

If you are a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students and you have Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed on your PC. You might have the trouble connecting your Microsoft Outlook 2010 with your student mail. Although USM student mail can be access through just like other hotmail or live mail, but direct enter your e-mail address on outlook like hotmail or live mail will not work in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Your probably had search through for an answer for this problem but end out with no solution other than just using POP3. I personally dislike POP3 as it download the all mails from your inbox and it will not sync with your mail box online after that. I prefer IMAP which allow my outlook to sync with my mail online so that I can continue my work on e-mail through web browser on other PC without worry that what I see is different on my outlook.

So how we do the trick using IMAP on Microsoft Outlook 2010? It is very simple.

Step 1: Go to File on top of your menu and click on Add Account.

Step 2: Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types instead of E-mail Account. Then click Next.

Step 3: Select Other and choose Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector. If your Outlook does not have Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, just do a simple search on Bing, you should get the installer very easy. Then click Next.

Step 4: Enter your name, your student e-mail address and password. Then click OK.

Step 5: Done, we had finish setting up the account. Just click Finish and start access your student mail through Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Aren’t it is simple? Just wondering why Microsoft Outlook 2010 cannot automatically do the trick instead.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2010 – After Story – Team TECH4Life

Imagine Cup is not just about a bunch of technology geek students gather together and compete their programming skill. Imagine Cup encourage students dare to dream about the future world where technology help to create a better world. It doesn’t matter which field are you from, as long as you are a student and dare to dream, then Imagine Cup is something where you can show the world how we should shape the future of our world.

Meet team TECH4Life from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. The team consist of  Wong Poh LeeLee Heng WeiWu Kuan Herng and Chim Jeng Yang. They are the first team from Malaysia that consist of students from different kind of major. They have make all the way to the top 6 final in Envisioning 2020 Award, Imagine Cup 2010 at Poland. The Envisioning 2020 Award challenged students to express their vision for how technology will transform our lives by the year 2020.

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Imagine Cup 2010 – Software Design Top 6 Finalist Presentation

You can never imagine how professional the students can be when they conduct their presentation during the final presentation on the worldwide stage without watching their presentation. I search through YouTube to find video about the presentation of top finalist in Imagine Cup 2010, but I can’t found any. So I decided to get the resource myself, upload the video to YouTube and share with everyone.

If you never saw the Imagine Cup worldwide final presentation before, you should do it now. If you are a competitor this year and never saw the presentation before, you should even do it now.

Project Apple by Team HDC from Malaysia

Source Part 1:

Source Part 2:

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Imagine Cup 2010 – After Story – Team HDC

In year 2010, Malaysia team had definably achieve a big milestone in Imagine Cup at international level. Team HDC that represent Malaysia in Imagine Cup 2010, worldwide final at Poland had gone all the way to the top 6 in Software Design category. This is the first time that Malaysia team got into the final round of Software Design on international level while none of any team from previous years had ever make into the round one, not to said the final top 6.

If this is the first time you heard about Team HDC, the team is consist of Keith Khoo Lay Kit, Lee Chong Yang and Choong Yen Yen. All of them are from APIIT UCTI. They are also the first team from private university that represent Malaysia in Software Design category too.

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Imagine Cup 2007 – 2010 Yearbook

Every year, Imagine Cup’s competitors surprise the world with their innovation and creativity idea. In case if you miss those, check out the Imagine Cup Yearbook which written down all the creativity solution and the master mind behind those innovation solution that solve the world’s problems.

I highly encourage this year competitors to go through the yearbook (at least 2009 and 2010). We know not all idea are 100% unique, this will give you a better idea of how other competitor solve the same problem with different solution or idea. Avoid giving audiences or judges the impression of having the same solution with previous year’s competitors because their will start comparing, unless you show them why yours are better.

Imagine Cup Yearbook donwload:!274

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Microsoft Student Partners Boot Camp 2010 Experience

I been lucky enough to be selected in the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program. So what is this all about?  MSP program is a worldwide educational program sponsored by Microsoft. It encourage student to share technology knowledge with other students in the campus. Every year, a number of students from each university will go through application, interview and short listed before they can become a MSP that represent Microsoft in their own campus.

As a new MSP, we need to go through a 3 days boot camp. A full of activity and sleepless 3 days night, but it is very fun. The activity include self introduction, team building, paint ball shooting, experience sharing, presentation, Xbox time and many many more. By the way, this is the first time I play paint ball, it is kind of pain but a good experience. 3 days is kind of short, but I guess too many days will have kill us, because we don’t really sleep though out the whole boot camp. I got the chance to meet other MSP from other university and MSP alumni. All of them are so cool and nice, we learn lot of thing from each others. By the way, this year we have the most girls participate in MSP. Add another reason to join MSP for junior.

My MSP journey start here. Lot of works awaiting me. Stay tune for more update later on.

MSP website:

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks Blog

Imagine Cup 2010 Result Announced

Imagine Cup 2010 result just announced. Thailand had won the cup again this year. The result for all category are as follow:

Software Design Category

  • Champion: Skeek (Thailand)
  • First-runner Up: TFZR (Serbia)
  • Second-runner Up: OneBeep (New Zealand)

Embedded Development Category:

  • Champion: SmarterME (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: MCPC (Russia)
  • Second-runner Up: GERAS (France)

Game Design Category:

  • Champion: By Implication (Philippines)
  • First-runner Up: Nom Nom Productions (Belgium)
  • Second-runner Up: Gears Studio (France)

Digital Media Category:

  • Champion: Ka-Chi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: Dreaming Spirits (Saudi Arabia)
  • Second-runner Up: Woolgathering (Singapore)

IT Challenge Category

  • Champion: NBRanger (China)
  • First-runner Up: Miklos Cari Sivila (Bolivia)
  • Second-runner Up: zxc1984 (Singapore)

Envisioning 2020 Award

  • Champion: Jigga-Dongxi (Taiwan)
  • First-runner Up: KOLA (India)
  • Second-runner Up: Target Locked (India)

Internet Explorer 8 Award

  • Champion: Rhea (Poland)
  • First-runner Up: LittleRitle (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: CieszakTeam (Poland)
  • Accelerator: Samba Samba (Brazil)
  • Visual Search: BigTurtle (Russia)
  • Web Slice: Invention Task Force (Poland)

Next Generation Web Award

  • Champion: Wanna Be Alice (Korea)
  • First-runner Up: Rhea (Poland)
  • Second-runner Up: Samba Samba (Brazil)

Interoperability Award

  • Champion: Xormis (Jamaica)
  • First-runner Up: Uptiva Dreams IT (Brazil)
  • Second-runner Up: Chandradimuka (Indonesia)

Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award

  • Champion: Team Note-Taker (United States)
  • First-runner Up: OneView (United States)

Windows Phone 7 “Rockstar” Award

  • Champion: Beastware (United States)
  • First-runner Up: Tselina (Indonesia)
  • Second-runner Up: Hypo Team (Malaysia)

Resource from result announcement page and Imagine Cup twitter.

In addition, all finalist of Imagine Cup 2010 will get a Windows Phone 7. Wow, the best ever present given to all finalist. All of them now can develop Windows Phone 7 right on the new phone!

Although Team HDC from Malaysia didn’t make it this time but they go all the way to top 6 of Software Design category which never happen before on Malaysia team. They make us proud and they have sure bring Imagine Cup Malaysia to the next level. Guys and girls, don’t give up, this is not the end of the journey but the beginning of your great future! Even you guys want to join again next year or mentoring other team, I will still support you guys!

Imagine Cup 2011 will be at New York, USA. First Lady, Michele Obama, sends all finalist a virtual welcome to New York next year. Yeah. I though Imagine Cup will never make it at USA due to visa problem, but year 2011 will going be there. Sure a lot of fun at there. I’m interested to join again man!

For more detail visit Imagine Cup website.

By the way, I don’t see Joe Wilson this year, where is he?

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 6

Today is the final round of global student challenge 2010 for both university division and secondary school division. They were required to present on the stage. I had a great time listen to the presentation of the top 6 teams for university division. I can see all presenters are quite nervous on the stage and begin to panic. As usual, the judges throw a lot of tough questions to them as well.

We all had the chances to watch the elevator pitch  video before each presentation start, but it was kind of weird to me. I though elevator pitch is something like you bump into a VC / CEO of some company and then you want to pitch / sell your idea to him/her in the elevator. The key idea is to let the VC interested on your idea or product and hope they give you a second chance to present more to him later on, but it is totally something different in this competition. Their elevator pitch was just like a super short presentation in 60 seconds to the video camera, that all. Wound anyone shout their product name out loud at elevator when you bump into a VC in the elevator? Aren’t it is scary if 4 persons pitch their idea to the VC in a small size of elevator?

Next is the Gala dinner and prize giving ceremony, a grand event at The Mira Hotel. The environment in the grand ballroom is nice. I heard it cost 1000 HKD per person. Wow! We had a very interesting talk as well, but I can’t remember his name. The talk was about social responsible as an entrepreneur. One of the responsible is don’t give too many money to your children. A good one!

Finally the prize giving ceremony, As we had already expected, SurgyPack from US won the gold award in university division because they product and presentation was so convincing. Team from UK and Australia bring home with Silver award together, I guess both team share the same score. I don’t really remember all the winning team list. I think I will just skip it here.

Today is suppose to be the last day for PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 because the coming up 2 days will be free activity for competitors and all prize already given away. That mean 2 more days to play before we left Hong Kong! Let’s enjoy it to max!

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog