MouseHunt AutoBot 1.9 Updated

I guess the description of short and simple user script no longer fit well for AutoBot script because of the fast pace update and the code is getting more lengthy and complicated. Version 1.9 should be stable and safe enough to use on all 3 browsers (Firefox, Opera & Chrome). I have a hard time testing the script out on 3 browsers at the same time, but thanks for the users whom actively provide me the feedback and bug report of the script. Many thanks for those who help me write a good review on the userscript page as well.

I do notice the script did not handle well for slow network connection. Next version should be more focus on this thing and make sure the script running and don’t screw up. Handling King’s Reward also is an critical task in feature version. I will spend less time on scripting (hopefully), and more time on my study as this whole week I’m too actively scripting and left my work and study behind. Time to catch up.

Script Description

MouseHunt AutoBot is a short and simple user script to automatic sound the hunter horn in MouseHunt application in Facebook with MouseHunt version 3.0 (Longtail) supported. Time of next hunter horn and trap check will show on the webpage title. The time of the next hunter horn will automatically detected without refreshing the page again. Users can customize the script according to their need by themselves such as add extra random time delay before sounding the hunter horn (Please look for UserPreferenceSetting in the script). Part of the script is actually base on Facebook MouseHunt Game Auto Horn Blower.

Main Features

  • Support Mousehunt version 3.0 (Longtail).
  • Automatically sound horn when time’s up with extra random time define by user.
  • Simulate mouse click on the horn image instead of URL sound horn.
  • Automatically detect and retrieval the next horn time without refreshing the page.
  • Cross-browsers support.

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey add-on (Tested with Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 with Greasemonkey 0.8 add-on)
  • Opera (Tested with Opera 10.53)
  • Google Chrome (Tested with Google Chrome 5.0)


  • Use this script at your own risk because AutoBot script is again the rule set by MouseHunt, that is users are not allowed to use any tool to automate sounding the hunter horn.
  • Do uninstall any other MouseHunt auto sound horn scripts before install this script to prevent conflict with this script.

Known Issues

  • The script is not fully tested out due to the demand of the script for MouseHunt 3.0 update.
  • King’s Reward part of the script did not fully tested due to lack of data.
  • The script will stop when encounter king’s reward due to MouseHunt 3.0 (Longtail) require user to resolve the captcha first no matter how long the user had idle in the game.
  • After the horn is sound, the next horn time will set to 900 seconds and recalculation will be done on background and update the timer later. It is not a fix timer.


Download through userscript website.


Version 1.9

  • Bug fix on incorrect timer for Google Chrome after the first hunt due to string convert to integer problems.

Version 1.8

  • Fix Google Chrome did not get random delay after the first hunt.
  • Change default King’s Reward time interval from 3 hour to 2.5 hour
  • Add experimental user preference setting for experimental feature.

Version 1.7

  • Fix typo error in timer displaying the sec twice.
  • Script now check is horn image is visible before sound it to fix the problem if user sound the horn first before the timeout.
  • Change default random time for horn sounding to 0 – 30.

Version 1.6

  • The script now stop on King’s Reward instead of refreshing after the countdown end because new implementation of MouseHunt must resolve King’s Reward in order to continue hunt.
  • Add an option to disable trap check (by default it is enable).

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

31 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 1.9 Updated

  1. Hey. I’ve clicked the link and it seems that it leads me back to an older version, the link has not been updated to version 1.9 yet:/


  2. um i cannot go into the userscript link.when i click on it it takes very long to load and comes up with a connection error page


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