MouseHunt AutoBot 1.18 (Facebook Recent Update Fix)

If you are player of MouseHunt in Facebook, you will notice the bot no longer running correctly since 2nd of April when the developer of MouseHunt release the new version of update that put MouseHunt in an iFrame. For those who don’t know what is iFrame, it is just another browser in a website that ease the development or update of MouseHunt in future. It is not a bot catch technique.

A lot of users have been showing support on my blog while I busy updating the script and testing. Thanks to you all. So may I now bring you all the latest version of AutoBot that fix this trouble. Please expect some bugs running around on your trap when you hunting because the script is tested less than 24 hours and without any King’s Reward encounter. Will keep on update the script if I found any bugs.

Script Description

MouseHunt AutoBot is an advance user script to automate sounding the hunter horn in MouseHunt application in Facebook, Hi5 and offside MouseHunt page with MouseHunt version 3.0 (Longtail) supported and many other features. In a simple word, bot for MouseHunt. Time of next hunter horn and trap check will show on the webpage title. The time of the next hunter horn will automatically detected without refreshing the page again. Users can customize the script according to their need by themselves such as add extra random time delay before sounding the hunter horn (Please look for UserPreferenceSetting in the script). Users can choose to bot safety with many safety check features which act like a human, or bot aggressively. Part of the script is actually base on Facebook MouseHunt Game Auto Horn Blower.

Main Features

  • Support Mousehunt version 3.0 (Longtail).
  • Automatically sound horn when time’s up with extra random time define by user.
  • Simulate mouse click on the horn image instead of URL sound horn.
  • Automatically detect and retrieval the next horn time without refreshing the page.
  • Show next hunter horn and others timer in the page and title.
  • Stop bot when player move to location different than pre-define location.
  • Safety features such as check horn image is visible or not before sounding the horn. (bot can sound the horn without the horn appear first if aggressiveMode is on)
  • Cross-browsers support.

Paltform Support

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey add-on (Tested with Mozilla Firefox 4.0 with Greasemonkey 0.9 add-on)
  • Opera (Tested with Opera 11)
  • Google Chrome (Tested with Google Chrome 11.0)


  • Use this script at your own risk because AutoBot script is again the rule set by MouseHunt, that is users are not allowed to use any tool to automate sounding the hunter horn.
  • You are reminded not to use your real name or the same name you use in Facebook to post / reply discussion here because some one might go after you and please don’t ask me why I use my real name here.
  • Do uninstall any other MouseHunt auto sound horn scripts before install this script to prevent conflict with this script.

Known Issues

  • Script timer is running faster than MouseHunt provided timer, this is because MouseHunt programmed the timer in a way to have +/- 5 seconds delay.
  • With Aggressive Mode enable, the script timer is running super faster compare with MouseHunt provided timer, this is because it is very aggressive!
  • The script will pause when encounter king’s reward due to MouseHunt 3.0 (Longtail) require user to resolve the captcha first no matter how long the user had idle in the game.
  • Timer will run slower / inaccurate if the browser is running resource hungry application such as flash game.
  • Pause before King’s Reward might not totally prevent player from encounter King’s Reward, if user modify the King’s Reward interval time or run the script half way (played mousehunt before in other computer within few hour before).
  • Opera web browser only able to play King’s Reward music once only instead of looping infinity.
  • Hi5 and Facebook platform will not show any timer on page title due to the limitation of iFrame problem.
  • Features related with King Reward’s is not tested properly due to lack of King Reward in a recent changes.

How to Install User Script


Download through userscript website.


Version 1.18

  • Fix script unable to run correctly on Facebook due to recent changes made MouseHunt application running in iFrame.
  • HTTPS feature removed due to Facebook no longer allow HTTPS connection to Facebook application.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

20 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 1.18 (Facebook Recent Update Fix)

  1. how can you edit the script? i click to edit but a pop up comes up that asks me if i want to download the script again


  2. Hi I like your bot, been using it for a few days and quite satisfied with the results. I updated to Version 1.18, it also worked. Thanks.
    However… Yesterday while I slept, the bot sounded for me for about one more hour until one of my friends fit in his horn timing so nicely that I went on a hunt with him. After that, the bot did not sound. Is there a prob with interruption from other friends? Please check, thanks 😀
    Other than that your bot is awesome


  3. hi ooi, i wanna ask, when the dev 1st patch fb for some integration purpose, i went to to bot and the bot (1.17) worked fine there, and i dn encounter any king reward…is it the new feature where king reward is less/not encountered or is it don prompt u for king reward??

    besides, i wanna noe, is king reward a bot catching prompt??


    1. King Reward is disable by MouseHunt developer currently, and the reason is unknown.
      Yew, the original intention of King’s Reward is to stop user from user script to auto sound the horn.


      1. i see..thanks for the info…and thx for the script great job…but will be waiting til the balanced version is out as in til the king reward is fixed =)


  4. i cant seem to install it in my google chrome. everytime i pull it over to the new tab the whole script appears n there r no prompts to ask me to install. any alternate way? thx. =)


  5. does your computer and the mousehunt camp page have to be open and active for the script to work? my computer went to sleep last night and i didnt have any horn sounds overnight. also, do i need to edit the script at all to optimize the results( e.g. edit my trap check time)? by the way great work on this script


    1. Yes, you need to have your computer and browser running in order for it to work.
      The script is generally enough for normal use, unless you need other feature, then you only want to edit the script.
      Thanks for your support.


  6. please help me to share what I caught in mousehunt,, the frame is still loading when I click the SHARE button,,


  7. Hii Ooi keng Siang why the link to download the script are not working instead it came out like This

    ” website is under heavy load

    We’re sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We’re working on this problem. Please try again later. “can you fix it please


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