Creating My Own Simple Business Card Website

I always wanted to create a very simple business card style web page displaying my basic bio and links to all my social networking site. I admit I only thinking about this without any action for quite some time as I was kind of lazy to pick up HTML and CSS (all the while I only do Silverlight and desktop application development), and I’m not good in design seriously.

One day, I came across About.Me which let user create a simple business card website with user’s selected picture as background.  It is simple and easy. It is just what I want all this time. But a big problem I facing is that I can’t use my own domain name on my profile on the website. Besides, there is also a design flaw in the website as it can’t show your bio correctly if you have a small screen device like netbook.

With the idea from About.Me, I build my own business card website while picking up some HTML and CSS knowledge. I also want some big icons for the link to other social networking too, so I go get one from IconsPedia. It is not as hard as I though. It only take me a day to do it. Simple and easy. Check it out here.

I’m thinking to add in twitter status update and resume link too. Let see when I can have some free time and I kick off my lazy bug on my body first.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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