Imagine Cup 2011 – Students Solve World Toughest Problem Through Game

In case if you don’t know about Imagine Cup and Game Design competition, Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition and in Game Design, Imagine Cup challenge the students to solve the world problem through game. Aren’t it is so cool that we can solve the world problem through game?

How can we solve the world problem through game? Although I’m an application developer and a gamer too, but I can’t really come out any idea how game can do that. Every year, the students in Imagine Cup, Game Design category impress me with their great idea. Some of the game might be simple, but how they relate the game and the problem are very creative. I’m looking forward to meet them and learn about their idea in Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final at New York City.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to how students can solve world problem through game this year, meet the finalist of Game Design in Imagine Cup 2011:

Want more? Check out the following too with more detail:

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