Introducing Team dreamBender from Indonesia


Team dreamBender has won the first runner-up of Windows 7 Touch Challenge in Imagine Cup 2011 and bring glory to Indonesia. They will receive 4,000 USD as the winner of the competition. Let me give you all a little bit introduction of the team and their project.

Team dreamBender developed a project call Sparkins. Sparkins is a touch-based solution that helps blind children to learn the Perkins Brailler. It works just like the Perkins Brailler but uses a multi-touch tablet PC. A Perkins Brailler acts as a “pen and paper” in education for the blind. But, the brailler is actually heavy, noisy, difficult to be used by children, and the design is remain unchanged since it is firstly invented. Sparkins is equipped with adaptive finger position recognition to type, so it’s easy to be used by children. It is also equipped with a real-time sound feedback to ease the learning process.

The team consist of 4 members. They are Rizky Ario Nugroho, M. Endri Irfanie, Arnanto Akbar and Dwi Cahyo Nugroho. All of them are from Institut Teknologi Telkom at Indonesia.

This is just a short introduction of the team. Find out the latest from Team dreamBender by liking the team on Facebook fans page, following them on Twitter or read their blog. You can also stay tune in my blog for more update on Team dreamBender and event of Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final at New York City.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

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