Imagine Cup 2012 Worldwide Final – Are You Ready

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 worldwide final is just around the corner! This year the worldwide final will be held at Sydney, Australia from 6th to 10th July 2012 and we already have some exiting activities like People Choice Award which is already running now. There are more activities waiting in the final like opening ceremony, culture day,  prize giving ceremony and different categories competition. This year Imagine Cup have Software Design, Game Design, IT Challenge, Kinect Fun Labs Challenge, Metro Style App Challenge, Windows Azure Challenge & Windows Phone Challenge.

Just like last year, this year there are 25 MSPs from around the world in a team call Microsoft Student Partners Social Media Team (MSPSMT) which will report Imagine Cup 2012 worldwide final live through social media channels. I’m also part of the team and we will depart to Sydney tomorrow and get prepare for the event. If you wish to stay up to date what happen in Imagine Cup 2012 worldwide final at Sydney, Australia then stay tune in our official social media channels and we will bring you the latest update of the event from time to time.


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by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2012 – People Choice Award

People Choice Award is back in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012. There are more than 60 teams had submitted their video this year in order to compete and win $10,000 USD prize sponsor by Bing. Check out those great projects the students created. Come support your favorite team by casting your vote to them before 9th July 2012. The winning team will be announced on-stage at the Worldwide Finals in Sydney, Australia on 10th July 2012.

People Choice Award:


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Imagine Cup 2012 Local Malaysia – The Top 30 Teams

The top 30 teams which has successfully advanced to the final of Imagine Cup 2012 local Malaysia in Software Design category is announced today. They will represent their own university to compete in the national final round which will be held at Sabah in May. It will be a fun and exciting competition at there. The champion team shall represent Malaysia in Software Design category to the worldwide final of Imagine Cup 2012 at Sydney, Australia.

Yes, there is a slight delay on the announcement due to large amount of awesome submissions create and submit by student around Malaysia. Yeah, I can’t wait to see what students bring this year as they always surprise me with the creativity and innovation. I guess I will have to wait until the final then. Check out the top 30 teams below.

  1. 01001 – KDU University College
  2. 4GM – Universiti Putra Malaysia
  3. B&B – Taylor’s University
  4. Beyond the Imagination – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  5. Bluetenders – Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  6. Cyber Warriors – Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia
  7. D. Jester – Tunku Abdul Rahman  College
  8. Descendants – Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  9. Drinking Water – Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI)
  10. E-Transcend – Universiti Malaya
  11. GoGreen++ – Universiti Sains Malaysia
  12. Green Age Heroes – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  13. HFMS – Universiti Malaya
  14. Insquare – Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia
  15. IT SEEKERS – Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia
  16. KiHECT – Universiti Technologi Malaysia
  17. Legion – Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
  18. Live Green – Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  19. Mango –  Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  20. Project Care –  Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
  21. Python – Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
  22. Seempearl (Simple) –  Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia
  23. SIRiUs – Universiti Putra Malaysia
  24. SLIM – Tunku Abdul Rahman College
  25. SMART UNICORN – Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  26. Super Massive –  Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
  27. The Rhapsody –  Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation (UCTI)
  28. W.3.A. – Universiti Putra Malaysia
  29. Wired In – Universiti Malaysia Pahang
  30. Wizard – Taylor’s University


This is going to be very exciting at Sabah. Yes, I will going to report live from the national final of Imagine Cup 2012 Malaysia in May. So stay tune in my blog or twitter for the latest update from time to time.

Visit Imagine Cup Malaysia official website for the complete announcement of the top 30 teams:


by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog


Imagine Cup 2012 – Azure & Windows Phone Challenge Announced

Imagine Cup official website has just announced 2 more challenges for students to join on year 2012. The 2 challenges are Azure Challenge and Windows Phone Challenge. Imagine Cup 2012 challenge students to use cloud computing solution and smart phone solution to solve the world toughest problems in United Nations Millennium Development Goals which help to create a better world.

One important thing to take note for students whom wish to join Windows Phone Challenge is the Windows Phone Challenge is not intended for game submission. For Windows Phone game application, they should join the Game Design: Phone category instead. If you are joining Software Design category and your solution use Azure service or Windows Phone, I will recommend you to join those challenges at the same time to increase your chances to go to the world wide final at Australia!

What? You haven’t even register yourself in Imagine Cup website yet? No worry if you haven’t think of which category to join or haven’t come out the idea. Just register yourself first so that you can receive the latest update from Imagine Cup through e-mail.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup Grants for 2011 Finalist

As announced during the Award Ceremony in Imagine Cup 2011 worldwide final at New York, Microsoft will given USD 3M grants for finalist to apply in order to kick start their idea. The detail of the grants is finally announced. the grant only have limited place for finalist, thus 2 round of selection will determine which team won the grant.

The grant will judge base on:

  • Problem Definition (10%): How well does the team convey their understanding of the complexities involved in addressing the problem and, how convincing is the argument that the issue they are addressing has broad appeal and relevance
  • Impact and Viability of the Solution (40%): To what degree will the solution have an impact on the issue? Is the solution technically and economically viable? Are the timing and conditions right for this solution? Has the solution already been implemented in some way to demonstrate or test that it is viable?
  • Solution Design and Innovation (20%): Does the solution provide an innovative approach the problem? How does it surpass previous or current solutions to this problem?
  • Team Quality and Motivation (30%): What is the quality of leadership in the team? How solid is the business planning for the solution? What are the obstacles for the team to take the solution to market? How does the team intend to organize itself to accomplish its plan?

It is a great opportunity for finalist to apply and kick start their business using the grant offer by Microsoft. The grant offer the following awards to those who successfully applied the grants:

  •  A Cash grant amount depending on the grantee team’s business plan and project scope. (Estimated between $75,000 U.S. Dollars and $100,000 U.S. Dollars)
  • Software required to support the implementation of their solution. Software offerings will be determined based on the needs of the grantee’s solution and go to market plan.
  • Mentorship by a Microsoft representative in their country or region.
  • Introductions to potential funders and partners.
  • Support from Microsoft local partners.
  • Access to Microsoft resources including Microsoft Innovation Centers, premium BizSpark benefits, time and support from Microsoft employees and product groups.

For more information on Imagine Cup Grants visit:

Every year Microsoft surprise me with how much money and effort their put on students through Imagine Cup. I can’t think of any student competition that can beat Imagine Cup, they give free trip, prize money, news coverage, grant, hardware and many more students to make sure they create something innovative. I’m looking forward the listen to the success story of the students through the grant offer by Microsoft.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2012 – First 4 Categories Announced

Imagine Cup official website just announced 4 categories for Imagine Cup 2012 which will be held at Australia. They are Software DesignGame Design (Xbox/Windows),  Game Design (Phone) and IT Challenge. For those who are interested to join IT Challenge, you better act fast as IT Challenge round one end earlier than any other categories. Are you looking for other categories like side award? They are not announced yet, but I’m sure Imagine Cup will reveal more and more categories in the future.

The theme for Imagine Cup 2012 is “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”. Imagine Cup challenge student to solve the toughest problems in United Nations Millennium Development Goals which help to create a better world. Remember to check out the MDG to make sure your idea is fit for the MDG problem.

What? You haven’t even register yourself in Imagine Cup yet? No worry if you haven’t think of which category to join or haven’t come out the idea. Just register yourself first so that you can receive the latest update from Imagine Cup through e-mail.

[Update 1] : What happen to Embedded Development, Game Design (Web) and Digital Media this year? Embedded Development is combined with Software Design while Game Design (Web) and Digital Media was removed in Imagine Cup 2012. This is kind of sad. Source:

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2007 – 2011 Yearbook

If you heard of Microsoft Imagine Cup you will probably know students use their creativity and innovation to solve the world toughest problems, those real world problems around us. In case if you just get to know about this amazing competition recently and you want to know more about what students are capable to do all this year of Imagine Cup, you can always check out their project through Imagine Cup Yearbook that was printed every year.

The Imagine Cup Yearbook is also a good resource for competitor who want to join in next year Imagine Cup 2012 at Australia. Check out what other competitor had done in the past. Bare in mind that not all ideas are unique, but is your job to make your idea better than the others. You can found the Imagine Cup yearbook since year 2007 until year 2011 at the link below.

Imagine Cup Yearbook download:!274


by Ooi Keng Siang (MSPSMT) via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 6 – Awards Ceremony

Today is the final day of Imagine Cup 2011 at New York. All competitions were already over but there are still lot of activities waiting for the competitors today such as student learning sessions, student showcase, award ceremony and farewell party! Which team will bring home the ultimate golden trophy and golden belt? We shall found that out today.

Today we have a lot of interesting learning sessions for the competitors especially for those who is going to graduate anytime soon. For example, Take Your Imagine Cup Experiences to the Next Level, What it Takes to be a Researcher, Insider Tips for Excelling in Technical Interviews and etc. Each learning sessions will be giving out a XBox to a lucky student who attend the session.  For those students who yet to grab a XBox, today will be their last chance to grab a XBox in one of the learning sessions on the morning.

On the afternoon, we are moving from the hotel to Lincoln Center for the Student Showcase and World Festival Awards Ceremony. Student Showcase is where student showcase their project and exchange ideas with other students, judges and guests. All competitors are very initiative to share their solution to everyone while learning the idea from other competitors at the same time. Learning from each other, that is the way how the competitors improve continuously every year.

Now the most exciting and climax of Imagine Cup, the Awards Ceremony. Just like Olympic, each team is proud of the country they represent by holding the country flag on the stage. All competitors are very excited in this ceremony even before the ceremony start. Flying their own country flag and shouting for they own country name are every corner of in the hall. This year we have a very impact opening of award ceremony with 3 big screen and a performer telling the world toughest problem that are waiting to be solve. Yes, there are still many problems awaiting for the students to solve no matter what is the outcome of this competition.

We have some very interesting guests this years on the awards ceremony such as Michael R. Bloomberg (Mayor of NYC) welcoming every one of us to New York City. This is also the first time ever for Microsoft to invite Eva Longoria at Imagine Cup and she is excited to talking about Imagine Cup project created by the student on how they can help on huge disaster. Wait, we even got the Master Chief from Halo game appear out of sudden to deliver the result of Game Design and have a big picture with Game Design winner. Cool!

Microsoft continue to throw more surprise to competitors during the award ceremony to make the excitement go on and on. Walid Abu-Hadba (VP of Developer & Platform Microsoft) announced that each first place winner will get an invitation to /*build*/ conference and each finalist competitors will get a Windows Phone 7 with Mango update. While S. Somasegar (Senior Vice President, Developer Division of Microsoft) announced a 3 million USD grants open for Imagine Cup participations to apply. No matter if the competitor had won any prize tonight or not, they all are already the winner with Microsoft Kinect (announced on Day 1) and Windows Phone 7.5.


Enough of the talk, the result of Imagine Cup 2011 New York are…

Software Design Winning Team

  • First Place: Team Hermes (Ireland)
  • Second Place: Team Note Taker (United States)
  • Third Place: Oasys Team (Jordan)


Embedded Development Winning Teams

  • First Place: NTHUCS (Taiwan)
  • Second Place: Harmonicare (China)
  • Third Place: Endeavour_Design (Romania)


Game Design (Windows/XBox) Winning Teams

  • First Place: Signum Games (Brazil)
  • Second Place: JubJub (Thailand)
  • Third Place: WickedTeam (Czech Republic) 


Game Design (Web) Winning Teams

  • First Place: Cellardoor (Poland)
  • Second Place: Signum Fidei (Philippines)
  • Third Place: Quegee Team (Slovakia) 


Game Design (Mobile) Winning Teams

  • First Place: Geekologic (France)
  • Second Place: Close World Mobile (France)
  • Third Place: Team Dragon (United States) 


Digital Media Winning Teams

  • First Place: M.N.A. (Romania)
  • Second Place: Brothers Forever (Oman)
  • Third Place: Cottoncandy (Taiwan) 


Windows Phone 7 Winning Teams

  • First Place: HOMERUN (Korea)
  • Second Place: Zipi Zigi (Korea)
  • Third Place: The LifeLens Project (United States) 


IT Challenge Winning Individuals

  • First Place: Jean-Sebastien Duchene (France)
  • Second Place: Blazej Matuszyk (Poland)
  • Third Place: Yunheng Mong (Singapore) 


Interoperability Challenge Winning Teams

  • First Place: alaniarides (Greece)
  • Second Place: Bells Team (Brazil)
  • Third Place: DemosceneSpirit (Poland) 


Orchard Challenge Winning Teams

  • First Place: MP Brun (Denmark)
  • Second Place: Virtual Dreams – Orchard (Brazil)
  • Third Place: Zveen Zveen Team (Serbia) 



Windows 7 Touch Challenge Winning Teams

  • First Place: India Rose (France)
  • Second Place: _dreambender_ (Indonesia)
  • Third Place: IUVO (Japan) 


2011 People’s Choice Award Winning Team

  • Team Rapture (Bangladesh)

Although Imagine Cup 2011 had officially ended but this should not be the end of the journey for the competitor but the this should be the beginning of their journey to create a better world. This should not be end of the story for those who can’t made it into the final, it should be just end of a chapter and a new chapter should beginning for Imagine Cup 2012. With the Imagine Cup flag passing ceremony, Gerard Seeber (Deputy Consul General & Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner Austrade) and Pip Marlow (Managing Director of Microsoft Australia) officially announce Imagine Cup 2012 will be at Australia

After the awards ceremony, all competitor are having the farewell party back at hotel. Time to throw everything about competition behind of the mind and dance! No alcoholic drink for those who under 21! The Microsoft Student Partners Social Media Team having our farewell party together with the competitors too as 25 of us will be depart and go back to our own country after that. Sorry pal, we are there to party so no photo at party for you all to see! Party go on until 2 in the morning.

I’m, gone miss all the competitors from around the world especially those team I’m keeping in charge, the 24 MSPs in Social Media Team that we had work out together every day and night through out the event, our team lead Michelle Fleming who taking good care of us, Ali, Milo and many more who I can’t mention them all here. As I said, this should not be a good bye, so let’s kick start the Imagine Cup 2012 at Australia then! Hope to see you all next year!

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 5 – Finalist Presentation

After the fun Culture Day yesterday, we are back into competition again. Today we will have all the finalists of Software Design, Embedded Development and Game Design presenting their solution on the stage to the judges and it is open to all students to watch as well. They will compete for the top 3 places in each category.

Idea can be very simple, but it some can create a big impact in our world. For example Right!! This Way created by NTHUCS from Taiwan that can guide people safety get out of the building during fire emergency. Come to think about this, who really know which route is safe without any burning fire or smoke by using only the simple “Exit” sign board right? This is one of the many problems around us that exist for a long time yet we didn’t really realize it. I love the way they stress that, this is a life saving business and they are saving life! Good said!

The Note-Taker solution developed by Note-Taker from United State was simply so cool. Helping student with visual problems to take note while it is a green solution that can help to save paper at the same time. The tool is proven very useful by the developers themselves as one of the team member is facing visual problem during his study. Even myself who don’t have any visual problem, I don’t mind to get help from that tool to assist me in note taking because it is simply easy to use and amazing.

I always have a very hard feeling watching how people without their arms using a stick or eye blink to control the PC. It is a very tedious task that require a lot of patient. But my mind was complete blow away by the Mind Touch solution developed by Care Everyone from China.  The solution to control computer with their head and voice.  This is what they really need! Low cost but it has high impact on those disability peoples’ life. I really glad to see such solution that can help disability people to get back their own normal life.

If you think that the game created by student is usually simple and easy, then you are very wrong. The 3D graphic and gameplay in FireFighters: Whatever It Takes designed by WickedTeam from Czech Republic is really up to the standard of commercial product. It is a strategy game with the mission to save the jungle and life during wide fire. I’m really impress with their jaw dropping 3d graphic and effect.

I love the cute character in Hilomi designed by Close World Mobile from France. The character was a cute little girl that go on an adventure. They only use image with the cute little girl to tell the story of the game during their presentation which I think it is very interesting to keep me continue to watch what will happen on the little girl next. I do hope if I can try the game on my own mobile phone in coming future.

There are just too many great games and solutions developed by students which is impossible for me to mention one by one here. You can always check out the other 24 Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Social Media Team on the story of other team. All 25 MSPs who bring all the updates on the social media are having a little rest on this afternoon where 25 of us went out for lunch together with Michelle Fleming who lead us all the way in Imagine Cup. I’m so glad to be part of the team and I’m really happy to work with the other 24 MSPs and Michelle to bring all the news and update on social media to let more people know about Imagine Cup and inspiring more students to change the world at the same time.

Tomorrow will be the last day of Imagine Cup and we shall know who is the best out of the best during World Festival Awards Ceremony which will be at Lincoln Center. Before that, we also have a series of learning sessions going on the morning and public showcase of students’ project too. Let’s have all the fun tomorrow before we said good bye to everyone.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 4 – Culture Day

OK, enough of competition and all the stress. Imagine Cup is not just about competition, but it is also for students to have fun. We have something really interesting going this year as we have student citizenship activity for students to participate. Is time to get the student out from their computers and work out something really meaningful to help the community without the computer!

(I will let the photo to tell the story in this post)

Students are building and painting rack while some other students are painting art. The best part of this event is, we are having all those activities at Centre Park of New York City. Finally we can go out of the hotel and have some activities surrendered with green! This is also a great chances for student to meet new friends from other countries and work out the same piece of project. Aren’t this is so meaningful where students can gather together and do some thing great regardless of races, culture and background.

After that, students will be on a culture tour around New York City to learn more about the culture and history of New York City. Students have 3 choice for the city tour as it is impossible to cover the whole New York City within one day. They can choose South New York City Tour, Manhattan Walking Tour or Centre Park Tour. Each bus of students is lead by a professional tour guide that explain the culture and history of New York City as the tour go on.

All tours will end up going taking ferry to Liberty Island to watch The Statue of Liberty which is the icon of United State and New York. The whole island is fully booked by Imagine Cup! How cool is that? This is the day where the student can enjoy the most as they can left all competition stuffs behind and have fun, taking photo and exploring New York.

The day end with a barbecue dinner at Ellis Island. We also have a student group photo where all students came together and take a big family photo. Tomorrow we will have the finalist presentation on the stage! They are the best out of the best team in the category. I’m looking forward to see what kind of mind blowing solutions and superior presentations given by the students.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog