Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Final – Day 5 – Finalist Presentation

After the fun Culture Day yesterday, we are back into competition again. Today we will have all the finalists of Software Design, Embedded Development and Game Design presenting their solution on the stage to the judges and it is open to all students to watch as well. They will compete for the top 3 places in each category.

Idea can be very simple, but it some can create a big impact in our world. For example Right!! This Way created by NTHUCS from Taiwan that can guide people safety get out of the building during fire emergency. Come to think about this, who really know which route is safe without any burning fire or smoke by using only the simple “Exit” sign board right? This is one of the many problems around us that exist for a long time yet we didn’t really realize it. I love the way they stress that, this is a life saving business and they are saving life! Good said!

The Note-Taker solution developed by Note-Taker from United State was simply so cool. Helping student with visual problems to take note while it is a green solution that can help to save paper at the same time. The tool is proven very useful by the developers themselves as one of the team member is facing visual problem during his study. Even myself who don’t have any visual problem, I don’t mind to get help from that tool to assist me in note taking because it is simply easy to use and amazing.

I always have a very hard feeling watching how people without their arms using a stick or eye blink to control the PC. It is a very tedious task that require a lot of patient. But my mind was complete blow away by the Mind Touch solution developed by Care Everyone from China.  The solution to control computer with their head and voice.  This is what they really need! Low cost but it has high impact on those disability peoples’ life. I really glad to see such solution that can help disability people to get back their own normal life.

If you think that the game created by student is usually simple and easy, then you are very wrong. The 3D graphic and gameplay in FireFighters: Whatever It Takes designed by WickedTeam from Czech Republic is really up to the standard of commercial product. It is a strategy game with the mission to save the jungle and life during wide fire. I’m really impress with their jaw dropping 3d graphic and effect.

I love the cute character in Hilomi designed by Close World Mobile from France. The character was a cute little girl that go on an adventure. They only use image with the cute little girl to tell the story of the game during their presentation which I think it is very interesting to keep me continue to watch what will happen on the little girl next. I do hope if I can try the game on my own mobile phone in coming future.

There are just too many great games and solutions developed by students which is impossible for me to mention one by one here. You can always check out the other 24 Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) Social Media Team on the story of other team. All 25 MSPs who bring all the updates on the social media are having a little rest on this afternoon where 25 of us went out for lunch together with Michelle Fleming who lead us all the way in Imagine Cup. I’m so glad to be part of the team and I’m really happy to work with the other 24 MSPs and Michelle to bring all the news and update on social media to let more people know about Imagine Cup and inspiring more students to change the world at the same time.

Tomorrow will be the last day of Imagine Cup and we shall know who is the best out of the best during World Festival Awards Ceremony which will be at Lincoln Center. Before that, we also have a series of learning sessions going on the morning and public showcase of students’ project too. Let’s have all the fun tomorrow before we said good bye to everyone.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

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