MouseHunt AutoBot 1.21 – Features Preview

OK, I know a lot of players are waiting for the next version of script to release. Sorry for the delay and the bad news is… the script is not ready yet. If you are following my blog, I was busy with some other events and holiday at New York, that is the reason why the script development get drag behind the schedule. There are still some development left and testing on version 1.21 before I can release it. Meanwhile, I will tell you what you can expect in the next version. Well, the script is not dying yet!

Feature on version 1.21:

  • Script can now automatically reset the timer after user sound the horn manually before the timer reach zero.
  • King Reward music is now play direct from the script instead of stream it from other site.
  • Player can now set preference such as horn time delay directly in game instead of editing the script.

Tired of waiting the timer to reach zero when you manually click on the horn? OK, we reset the timer once you click on the horn now! Refresh? No need any more as the timer will re-calculate the correct time once you hit the horn!

Have a slow connection to play the king reward music? Now we embed the whole music in the script and it will play directly without any streaming! Of course, the script size is bigger than before now because of the music data, but it will save your a lot of bandwidth later on. Oh ya, I use some hex encoding on the music, so it is impossible for other to change the music unless you know how to modify midi sound to hex encoding.

Don’t know how to set the horn time delay or aggressive mode even after go through the long list of tutorial? Never mind, now you can edit those preference setting directly in game now! Just modify what you want and click save and you are done. No more opening notepad for editing. All preference setting will be save on browser as long as player don’t clean up the the cache in the browser. Well, you still can use notepad to modify the setting which will not affected by browser cache if you want.

Are you finding the download link? The script is not ready yet! Come back to my blog another day to check if I’m done developing and testing it. Stay tune then.

[Update 08 Aug 2011]

The script is ready now, check out here:Β 

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

24 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 1.21 – Features Preview

  1. Hi Ooi!
    The preview of the 1.21 versiΓ³n looks awesome…

    I was asking me if is possible add to the script, a “counter reset button”, to recalculate the time without the need of refresh the page?
    I think that is would be a usefull thing ^_^

    thanks for reading, and good luck!


      1. Still didn’t get the idea, why re-calculate the delay time will help in multi account environment? Won’t one of the account use aggressive mode will be better?


  2. Hi KS,
    Thanks for your script.
    I added the following to prevent the music being play at night. zzz time πŸ™‚
    // play music on this time period > 8am
    var now = new Date();
    var hours = now.getHours();
    if (hours > 8)

    May be you have better method.
    Probably can add this into your new release. Thanks.


  3. Is it possible for you to add an option to pause the screen reload if share charm window pop up? Default can be 0 to skip this or put in a number for the pause time.


      1. The share charm window appeared in various conditions:
        – when you caught a new mouse
        – when you received king crown for catching certain amount of the same mouse
        – when you crafted a new recipe
        Different types of charm depends on condition can be shared to friend.
        But if the page reloaded during this, it loses this sharing session.


  4. Thanks a lot for the MH Bot sir Ooi King, ahm, i have just a 1 question sir! what does king reward resume do? can you please elaborate me about it? Thank you so much sir, god bless πŸ™‚


    1. Welcome.
      The King Reward resume feature is requested by player where the script will refresh the page after certain amount of time after encountered King Reward. Some player wanted this features as they are running the script at home while wanted to solve the King Reward through mobile or laptop when they go out.
      Hope you understand what I explain.


      1. ahhh. so it only means that you must still type/insert the codes given by the mousehunt king’s reward in the CellPhones or laptop’s in-order to resume it in the computer’s home?


  5. Hi Sir Ooi King, sir, why does it the default “Play King Reward Sound” is false? can you pls default it to true bec. I forgot it sometimes to be true when i delete my cache.. Or maybe there is something in the script(notepad) that could be edited to set it to true? Couldn’t i sir Ooi?


  6. Thanx for this script. Can you please add a option to display the full percentage of the hunter’s title?

    Thank you


  7. Thanks for the nice script.

    But am confused with :-

    King Reward Resume True False ????

    what does it mean ??

    It will take the reward automatically or it will skip the reward part, i dont wanna do that πŸ˜‰


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