MouseHunt AutoBot 1.26 – Rollback Patch for Firefox

As you all know Firefox screw the script again. During version 1.23, Firefox update cause unsafe windows broken down and I force to use Content Global Reader in version 1.24. Now Content Global Reader stop working in Firefox when MouseHunt running in Facebook frame. So I use back unsafe windows which now can be used again. What a joke.

Thing is running now. I also fix some minor problems when player sound the horn manually. Check the changelog for more detail. Sorry, no mobile page version supported for this version yet, as I’m too busy with other stuff. It will be a long delay for this feature to come. No worry, I will still spend some of my time to fix some major bug if there is any.

Script Description

MouseHunt AutoBot is an advance user script to automate sounding the hunter horn in MouseHunt application in Facebook, Hi5 and offside MouseHunt page with MouseHunt version 3.0 (Longtail) supported and many other features. In a simple word, bot for MouseHunt. Time of next hunter horn and trap check will show on the web page title. The time of the next hunter horn will automatically detected without refreshing the page again. Users can customize the script according to their need by themselves such as add extra random time delay before sounding the hunter horn. Users can choose to bot safety with many safety check features which act like a human, or bot aggressively. Part of the script is actually base on Facebook MouseHunt Game Auto Horn Blower.

Main Features

  • Support MouseHunt version 3.0 (Longtail).
  • Automatically sound horn when time’s up with extra random time define by player.
  • Simulate mouse click on the horn image instead of URL sound horn.
  • Automatically detect and retrieval the next horn time without refreshing the page.
  • Show next hunter horn and others timer in the page and title.
  • Stop bot when player move to location different than pre-define location.
  • Safety features such as check horn image is visible or not before sounding the horn. (bot can sound the horn without the horn appear first if aggressiveMode is on)
  • Cross-browsers support.
  • Set preference setting such as horn delay time directly in the game.

Platform Support

Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey add-on (Tested with Mozilla Firefox 7.0.1 with Greasemonkey 0.9.8 add-on)
  • Opera (Tested with Opera 11.50)
  • Google Chrome (Tested with Google Chrome 15.0)


  • Use this script at your own risk because AutoBot script is again the rule set by MouseHunt, that is users are not allowed to use any tool to automate sounding the hunter horn.
  • You are reminded not to use your real name or the same name you use in Facebook to post / reply discussion here because some one might go after you and please don’t ask me why I use my real name here.
  • Do uninstall any other MouseHunt auto sound horn scripts before install this script to prevent conflict with this script.

Known Issues

  • Script timer is running faster than MouseHunt provided timer, this is because MouseHunt programmed the timer in a way to have +/- 5 seconds delay.
  • The script will pause when encounter king’s reward due to MouseHunt 3.0 (Longtail) require user to resolve the captcha first no matter how long the user had idle in the game.
  • The page may have minor refresh due to Facebook / Hi5 fetching data from server, it was not related with the script.
  • Google Chrome will playing King’s Reward sound through streaming but Opera and Firefox will play directly from the script.

How to Install User Script


Download through userscript website.


Version 1.26

  • Fix Firefox unable to run correctly in Facebook frame.
  • Fix page refresh unnecessary problem after player manually sound the horn.
  • Fix automatically reset the timer after user sound the horn manually before the timer reach zero.
  • Correct some spelling error.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

76 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 1.26 – Rollback Patch for Firefox

  1. After the player sounds the horn manually, the timer will add 15 minutes plus however much time was left on the horn since the player sounded it. The time is wrong when a player sounds the horn early. It doesn’t get the new time from the timer.


  2. I previously used this script with greasemonkey version 0.9.12 which is the latest non beta version. What happened was my firefox browser suddenly began consuming alot of memory(700,000K++) and CPU usage started spiking to high levels causing my pc to slow down and my browser to hang. I saw that you tested this script with greasemonkey version 0.9.8 so i changed my greasemonkey version and found everything running smoothly.

    My question is why is the script so unstable with current versions of greasemonkey but works fine with spefically version 0.9.8?


  3. I’m sorry i take back my previous comment. Memory usage and CPU still shoots up to high levels. It just take take a longer time to do so. Somewhere around 5-10 minutes. Can you tell me what’s wrong?

    Firefox version 7.0.1
    Greasemonkey version 0.9.8, 0.9.12


  4. After I install this patch, it starting to annoy me a bit by pop-upping ‘The script has stopped working or is busy’. or something like that. It appears almost everytime i open a new mousehunt tab. And everytime i open mousehunt, my firefox become laggy for about 3 or 4 seconds. I’m using greasemonkey 0.9.12 and my firefoz is 7.0.1. I wonder if something is wrong and I hope you can fix this problem.

    Thank you for your attention. ^_^


  5. Can i use autobot in firefox and in opera? So that means that i will have two autobot in firefox and in opera? Will it affect my firefox?



  6. Recently or not, I am not sure, but other than KR, the devs implemented another system to detect botters.

    If anyone is suspected of botting, the devs might disarm the cheese (this is confirmed as it happens to me). I think they might change our trap setup too.

    So is there anyway to go about this detection system? Like perhaps stop all botting if any change in trap setup is detected?


  7. Hi, the king’s reward sound seems to be updated or something just happen… It happen to the thrice today, when the king’s reward come, no sound is played =(
    any solution? I look into the preferences and the king’s reward sound are still at the true box =)


  8. Which other browsers are supported in this script sir?..
    I am trying almost all browsers.. I need one more =)

    I am currently using Google chrome, Opera and firefox, it works perfectly and great.. Thanks for this..


  9. I tried to install on Chrome 15.0.874.121 m, but it says couldn’t read source file.

    It was saved as user.js file.
    v1.25 installed perfectly though.


  10. I have used this autobot about 2 months, recently, I update it from 1.25 to 1.26. It comes wrong randomly,while I use 1.26. When the timer comes to 0, the bot doesn’t work and the timer reset or set a random time, this rate is about 40% to 50%. My browser is googlechrome patch 15.0.874.121, and I have uninstall then install it again. However, autobot still comes wrong sometimes.
    Finally, thanks you for your script:).


  11. Hey ooiks, i used to use the version for 1.20 for mousehunt autobot smoothly, i dont know why suddenly i cant use it anymore since 2 days ago. So, i install the newer version of greasemonkey ( last time was 0.9.8) and your script as well.

    Now i can’t use it too! the avg thingy told me that i have used alot of memory, last night it used 1GB of the memory usage. I am using firefox 7 now. And also is it related to the Java console? because if i Install firefox 7, my java console is not working, not compatible.

    Does it affected because of the internet speed?

    NB: i uninstall mozzila for 3 times, mozzila 5, 7 , 8. Still cant use it 😦

    Thanks for the help!


  12. Hi,I just wanted to say, this is by far the best bot. However, if anyone uses this too aggressively they will get warned and subsequently banned. But first time, you can appeal to the devs. I just hope that you can fix this like some undetectable mode.


  13. For those of you complaining about Firefox using too much memory when you are using the script – try using the https version of the game, and you should have no problems.

    To the developer: there seems to be a memory leak somewhere. What basically happens is that after a few minutes after opening the camp page, the whole page gets loaded inside one of those advertisement boxes that are to the right of the hunter’s journal. I suppose that the same happens inside there as well, so a copy of the camp page recursively gets added inside an element on itself. That’s why Firefox starts using a lot of memory and eventually crashes. Using https version of the game helps because there are no advertisements.


    1. Thanks for the advice, that worked wonderfully fine. Was wondering what was causing the periodic CPU/memory buildup and crash.


  14. There’s an iPhone app called script browser which allows you to edit the page source just by using your phone. So, I wonder if it’s possible to make a mobile auto-bot via this method. Secondly, there seems to be a memory leak for firefox which causes it to crash eventually although it doesn’t happen really often. This script is great by the way, thanks for your effort!


  15. I used Google Chrome and recently there has been problems of the security with the certificate. Sometimes during the King’s reward, the music will turn on while sometimes the music will not, at top of the webpage there is something written ‘ This content is insecure, do you want to load it?”
    then there are two choices, Dont load it, or load it anyways. when i pressed the Load it anyways, only then will the music start. Please help with this problem. Missing a lot of horns with this problem, didnt notice that KR is there.


      1. Uh…You havent answered me yet. Can the devs find out? If so, how do you uninstall it? Thanks in advance


      1. Hey Ooi im a big fan mate, but Autobot has stopped working on Firefox as of yesterday.
        I am unsure if it has to do with the new flash update or windows updates on my pc…. I am unsure if there was a firefox update or maybe the game has developed a way of preventing the clock from working.
        But the countdown timer stops after 2 seconds…. and nothing else works after that.


  16. Hi, good job with the script so far. Interestingly a problem seems to have occurred only today.

    The script/timer will stop running after a few seconds on fire fox 12. I restarted my computer and it is still the same, and since it was still working fine yesterday I think the devs might have changed something.

    Please look into it. Thanks πŸ™‚


  17. yeah something happen with the game…don’t know if the game got updated or flash or java updated…it only countdown for 2seconds and blank…but when i try to use it in opera, it works well..hope the dev of this bot can do something about this..thank you πŸ™‚

    my another game (ghost trapper) ‘s bot same too…crash with countdown for 2 seconds only 😦


  18. Hi mate, this MH autobot doesnt work again on mozilla firefox.. pls kindly check it..
    It doesnt sound the horn automatically.. :-/
    hope it can be fixed soon.. thank you..


  19. I have time problem on Firefox too. For me, this problem doesn’t happen on firefox for windows but happen on firefox for mac only. Is it related or not?


      1. too bad, since i use Safari to open my main account, and Chrome for the others, it’ll be awsome to have something that works on Mac/Safari/Chrome (at least work on Mac for sure).
        ‘cuz for some reason every time when i tried to open FireFox with either Chrome or safari together it just made the system gone haywire and crashed. therefore i had to force quit basically everything and restart, so i stop using it for quite a while.


  20. I have some problems the last few days.
    My bot stopped counting, so it stopped hunting as well.
    When I refresh my page it counts for 3 seconds and then it stops.
    Maybe you know something about it?


    1. King Reward Resume = Reload the the page according to King Reward Resume Trap Check = Time when encounter King Reward
      Enable trap check once an hour
      when you mouse over those option to get more information for the tooltip popup.


  21. ooi, after i run my bot for about 45 minutes, my bot will stop working and google chrome displays ”webpage not available” .. same goes to opera and mozilla firefox… how can i solve this problem??


    1. This web page is not available
      The server at can’t be found because the DNS look-up failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website’s name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.
      Here are some suggestions:
      Reload this web page later.
      Check your Internet connection. Reboot any routers, modems or other network devices that you may be using.
      Check your DNS settings. Contact your network administrator if you’re not sure what this means.
      Try disabling network prediction by following these steps: Go to Spanner menu > Settings > + Show advanced settings and deselect “Predict network actions to improve page load performance.” If this does not resolve the issue, we recommend selecting this option again for improved performance.
      Add Google Chrome as a permitted programme in your firewall or antivirus software’s settings. If it is already a permitted programme, try deleting it from the list of permitted programmes and adding it again.
      If you use a proxy server, check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure that the proxy server is working. If you don’t believe you should be using a proxy server, adjust your proxy settings: Go to the spanner menu > Settings > + Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings… > LAN Settings and deselect the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox.
      Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): Unable to resolve the server’s DNS address.


  22. hey the alarm during king’s reward doesn’t produce any sound? why is that? I’ve tried it on chrome firefox and opera to no avail.


  23. cant add userscript on chrome.. says that only can be added through chrome app store..anyone experiencing same issue ?


  24. Hi.. seems that since they implement the new login on… The sound notification when KR appears is not working anymore 😦


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