Imagine Cup 2012 – Azure & Windows Phone Challenge Announced

Imagine Cup official website has just announced 2 more challenges for students to join on year 2012. The 2 challenges are Azure Challenge and Windows Phone Challenge. Imagine Cup 2012 challenge students to use cloud computing solution and smart phone solution to solve the world toughest problems in United Nations Millennium Development Goals which help to create a better world.

One important thing to take note for students whom wish to join Windows Phone Challenge is the Windows Phone Challenge is not intended for game submission. For Windows Phone game application, they should join the Game Design: Phone category instead. If you are joining Software Design category and your solution use Azure service or Windows Phone, I will recommend you to join those challenges at the same time to increase your chances to go to the world wide final at Australia!

What? You haven’t even register yourself in Imagine Cup website yet? No worry if you haven’t think of which category to join or haven’t come out the idea. Just register yourself first so that you can receive the latest update from Imagine Cup through e-mail.

by Ooi Keng Siang – MSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

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