Imagine Cup 2012: Show the World What You Can Do

The Imagine Cup has something for everyone. Are you all about app development? Or does building a gadget prototype that leverages natural user interface motivate you? The Imagine Cup has added two new Challenges for you to grow your technical skills. Sign up and start competing today in the Windows Metro Style App Challenge sponsored by Microsoft Windows or the Kinect Fun Labs Challenge sponsored by Microsoft Studios.

Already signed up to compete in one of 2012 Competitions, Software Design, Game Design: Xbox/Windows, Game Design: Phone or the, Windows Azure or Windows Phone Challenges? Increase your chances to share your world-changing ideas at the Worldwide Finals in Sydney, Australia, by signing up to compete in one of these two new Challenges.


Captain Rob Miles sharing about Software Design


Captain Andrew Parsons sharing about Game Design


Captain Jura Clapman sharing about  Windows Metro Style App Challenge


Captain Dan Waters sharing about  Kinect Fun Labs Challenge


by Ooi Keng SiangMSPSMT via Ooiks’s Blog

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