MTGBugs: Now Available on Windows Phone Marketplace

MTGBugs is a comprehensive app or tool for Magic the Gathering player. It integrate all kind of different tools which required by Magic players in one single app. For example life counter, dice roll, offline cards database, online card pricing, deck builder analysis, latest news update and many more. MTGBugs currently is the only app in Windows Phone marketplace with the most complete features builds into it.

MTGBugs main features include:

  • Game tracker include life and poison counter, game timer, mana pool counter, random dices
  • Commander format support up to 12 players with commander cast counter and achievements check list
  • Offline cards database with 20,000+ cards collection and online card pricing integrated (All prices courtesy of
  • Decks builder with up to date winning deck lists and automatic analysis tool build in
  • Wishlist and direct purchase through online shop from
  • Online news direct from Daily MTG, StarCityGames, ChannelFireball and TCGPlayers
  • Photo capture and sketching tool to record opponent hand’s cards

Game Tracker / Life Tracker

MTGBugs come together with life tracker (or game tracker since it track more than just life counter) for two players format. It can track life counter and poison counter at the same time with a history records just like what player usually did on the paper. It also build with mana pool tracker just in case if you have a very complicated mana number to count. MTGBugs even have a game timer to help you keep track of match in a competitive environment too.

Love Commander format with a lot of players? So do the developers of MTGBugs. MTGBugs now support Commander format and it can track up to 12 number of players at the same time. It support life counter, poison counter, commander cast counter, commander damage counter, mana pool counter and last but not least the achievement check list! MTGBugs is proud to bring you all the first app that help you keep track of your achievement in Commander format. Currently MTGBugs only support Commander (EDH) League Points created by Armada Games, there are more to come in the future.


Offline Cards Database & Online Card Pricing

MTGBugs has a build in cards database that include more than 20,000 cards detail. The latest update have included the latest card set Dark Ascensions too. Unlike other MTG app in Windows Phone marketplace, MTGBugs cards database can be access without the Internet connection and it support a lot of advanced search function just like Magic Gatherer but in your small little  Windows Phone instead.

Besides, MTGBugs also integrate online card pricing  from  directly into the cards database. You can always get the latest card pricing whenever you have the Internet connection. If you want to buy the card, MTGBugs can direct link your to TCGPlayer store or you can save it into Wishlist then buy all the cards you want later.


Deck Builder

Looking for a deck builder tool in Windows Phone? MTGBugs have it too. While you create your champion deck, MTGBugs will help you analysis the mana curve, casting cost, land color and many more. Are you looking of the next deck idea by searching for some winning deck online? MTGBugs help you do this direct in the app. All recent top decks are direct shown in the deck builder. If you want to modify from that deck, just click copy deck and you will have it!


Random Dice

Need a dice to decide who to go first, MTGBugs give you 5 different dices to roll and a coin  instead! Type of dices available in MTGBugs are D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20 dices! MTGBugs had optimized the random dice feature specially for multi-players game where player can just tap on any where on the dice result to re-roll the dice and have a complete dice result history shown at the bottom.


MTG News Update

Stay up to date with all news regarding Magic the Gathering direct in MTGBugs. MTGBugs direct shown you all the online news feed from Daily MTG, StarCityGames, ChannelFireball and TCGPlayers. MTGBugs missing some of your flavor website news feed? Then tell us so that we can add that in the app too.


Photo Capturing & Sketching Tool

This is the most exciting feature MTGBugs. Although most Magic app let user record life counter and poison counter in game, but none of them can let user record opponent hand’s cards when user cast Gitaxian Probe. MTGBugs have the solution for you. Just snap a photo of your opponent hand’s card directly in the app and you can make some note when opponent had casted that card. Left the paper and pen and home, now you only need to bring your deck and Windows Phone with MTGBugs installed to enjoy Magic the Gathering game.



Just search for MTGBugs in Windows Phone marketplace and you will found this app. Please take note this app is named as MTGBugs (with s) and not MTGBug (see below). You also can get it from Windows Phone website.


Previous Version

MTGBugs was named as MTGBug (without the s) previously and released in Windows Phone marketplace. Due to some problems, the app was renamed to MTGBugs and publish on Windows Phone marketplace again. Previous MTGBug app will be remove from Windows Phone marketplace soon.



Magic: The Gathering (also known as Magic or MTG) is one of the first collectible trading card games introduced by Wizards of the Coast. All Magic: the Gathering card tests, images, expansions and symbols are trademark and copyright of Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, LLC. MTGBugs is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC.


by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Decks builder with up to date winning deck lists and automatic analysis tool build in

8 thoughts on “MTGBugs: Now Available on Windows Phone Marketplace

  1. Hi, this is Max from Milan, Italy.
    I just wanted to tell you how I like MTGbugs.
    I just started developing for wp7 and one of my first apps was a Magic one; but then discovered your MGTbugs and stopped since then.
    I think it’s really a great app, complete and also stylish. 🙂

    Si, I just wanted to say “kudos” and “keep up the great work”. 5 stars all around 🙂

    One again, great app (not like my simple app for kids, that by baby son beta-tested LOL 🙂 ), I mean it! You did a fantastic job!


  2. First off.. I love the app. Quite the best mobile MTG app I have seen. Been using it for every game I play.

    I’m a WP7 app dev myself, (TivoRemote, currently porting to Win 8).

    I was curious if an update was coming to support Avacyn? It might be good to open up the search set list to be updatable by the user or updatable out of band from the app releases.

    Also curious if you’d be open to have other contributors for the app?


    1. Actually the update is sitting in my machine for a long time already. Due to my own country don’t have app hub, and the third part app submission party take so long time to process my app… so in the stuck in testing part, how it get through faster… pray hard.


      1. Yalla apps is holding it up?

        I wonder to get around that moving over to a MEF based solution with just shell that gets installed and xaps of the real app downloaded and saved into isolated storage.

        I’m looking forward to the update.. I’ve been contemplating a MTG app for Win8. My TivoRemote app is light on content. Just a simple set of buttons


  3. First of all, great app. It’s perfect. I love it and I use it every time I play MTG.
    In the new update the banners are an hassle, they are very annoying. Please give us a way to buy your amazing app and support further development (and getting rid of the banners 🙂 )


  4. I’d definitely pay a buck to get rid of the ads.

    Or maybe only have them on pages where a game or a draft may not be on the line. Like just on the news feed, wish list or deck builder pages. Having them in places like judge mode accidentally hitting the advert causes the user to navigate away from the app and mess up the timer.


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