MTGBugs: Now Available on Windows Phone Marketplace

MTGBugs is a comprehensive app or tool for Magic the Gathering player. It integrate all kind of different tools which required by Magic players in one single app. For example life counter, dice roll, offline cards database, online card pricing, deck builder analysis, latest news update and many more. MTGBugs currently is the only app in Windows Phone marketplace with the most complete features builds into it.

MTGBugs main features include:

  • Game tracker include life and poison counter, game timer, mana pool counter, random dices
  • Commander format support up to 12 players with commander cast counter and achievements check list
  • Offline cards database with 20,000+ cards collection and online card pricing integrated (All prices courtesy of
  • Decks builder with up to date winning deck lists and automatic analysis tool build in
  • Wishlist and direct purchase through online shop from
  • Online news direct from Daily MTG, StarCityGames, ChannelFireball and TCGPlayers
  • Photo capture and sketching tool to record opponent hand’s cards

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