Install / Uninstall User Script in Google Chrome (Updated)


[Update] In Google Chrome version 27, you need to check the Developer mode in the Extensions setting in order to install any user script directly. It is recommended to use Tampermonkey extension in Google Chrome to install any user script in the future because Google Chrome has place some limitations on how user script can access the resources in the iframe which cause a lot of problems in many user scripts that include MouseHunt Autobot. I have write a blog post on how you can install user script in Google Chrome through Tampermonkey Extension.


This post is intended to help Google Chrome user on how to install or uninstall user script in their browser. Google Chrome version 21 had change the way how we can install user script. Now it only allow user script to be install in the Extensions page and web store but not from any tab opened.

How to install user scrips in Google Chrome

Step 1: Download the user script you want from website such as and save it to some place which can access easily like Desktop. (You can download by right-click on the Install button and choose Save link as…

Step 2: Make sure the file you download is in .user.js file format. Else rename it to to something like MouseHuntAutoBot.user.js (You can rename a file by click on the file then click F2 button)

Step 3:  Skip this step if you don’t wish to do any editing. Right-click on the file you download and select Edit. Notepad will be open and it will allow you to edit the script / code before use it. (Remember to save before close if you do edit something in the script)

Step 4: Open Google Chrome and click on the control button. Look for Tools then click on Extensions.

Step 5: Drag and drop the user script to Google Chrome (Google Chrome will show drop to install).

Step 6: Confirm install by click on the Add button.

Step 7: Done! Refresh the page you want to apply the script to get immediate effect. You can always check your user scripts here. If you decided to edit the script, repeat the Step 3 to 7.


How to uninstall user scrips in Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and click on the control button. Look for Tools then click on Extensions.


Step 2: Find the user script you want to uninstall and click on the trash button.


Step 3: Confirm remove the script by click on the Remove button.

Hope this post can help anyone who wish to install or uninstall user scripts in their Google Chrome browser.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


39 thoughts on “Install / Uninstall User Script in Google Chrome (Updated)

  1. Hi i was using ur mh bot script perfectly until 2 days ago google chrome removed the script!!! when i want to install back they said only can install script thru web store. So i found this website and followed ur steps above but when i drag the file in. NO popout appeared but the open up the file. can u help mee pls!!!


  2. Same problem here as Alex. Scripts will no longer install unless available at the Chrome webstore, apparently. The scripts do have .user.js as the extension. No go! : (


  3. Yes, Ooik’s way works. Make sure it doesn’t end with (1) or (2) like 78731.user (4).js. It must be 78731.user.js straight. Now open up your history, then at the side press extensions. Drag the userscript into the extensions. Simple!


  4. Hi! So for Google Chrome Version 21 do we need to use Mousehunt Autobot Version 1.27? if yes where can i find it because i cannot find it on the internet, and my version 1.26 is giving me problems. Thanks!


  5. hey man, is it normal for your script to use up a lot of memory? whenever I open mousehunt and use this script the memory use goes through the roof (like 1.5mil K) and slows down my computer


  6. Comment for the blogger or website administrator – this website has very poor legibility… 😦 The gray on white is hard to read for many people, and .comment-meta is almost indiscernible! Seriously, #ccc text color on #fff background?

    I would suggest taking the font colors a few degrees darker, in all places. Where you use #888 (html, inherited by paragraphs), it would be much better if it were #333. Similar with the links in the sidebar, #AAA is not very legible on such bright background.

    These were all friendly suggestions, don’t take it personally. It’s nice to have a good vision, but please be minded of those of us who don’t. That’s why the invented WCAG standards…

    Take care


  7. Thanks for consideration. I am not an everyday blog reader – I chanced upon this page while searching for something. Since I had to squint to read the article, I just wanted to let you know. People might be missing out on the info in your articles simply because it is not easy to read. I mean for the non-perfect-vision type of people, including the aging group.

    Have a nice day


  8. Hello !!!
    I have a little issue, this extension is not working on my Chrome (24) while it does work on firefox, it’s installed and enabled.
    PS: Autobot 1.28 works fine on chrome, but i like this one 😀
    Thanks for any help you can give me.


  9. hey guys for those of you who dropped the script into extensions and no pop up shows its because it automatically renames the file to “.js”. If you look in the url at the top of your chrome browser it should say “……js.js”. if this is shown in yours rename the script again removing “.js”. This worked for me


  10. hey dude just wondering: does your extension work when im offline?
    that was what i was really looking for so i assume you have it 🙂
    if you dont then never mind, great tool anyways.
    another question:
    do you need to refresh page to sound horn or will it auto refresh?
    please reply thanks! :))


  11. Hi, ur bot worked perfectly till today. It works for MH game but not MH on FB. It doesn’t show anything except for the “Timer cannot show on title page. You can run MouseHunt without iFrame (Facebook) to enable timer on title page” message. I already tried uninstalling and installing but it doesn’t work. Please help


  12. when I am trying to open the extensions or type chrome://extensions/ in address bar it takes me to the chrome webstore instead of extensions….


  13. Sir, why when i download it my google chrome say “Entensions, apps, and themes can harm your computer . Are you sure you want to continue?”
    So what was i do??
    Please answer my question, Sir


  14. hi. I installed a script called Gmail Print All For Chrome. I am trying to uninstall it, but it doesn’t show up in the extensions. What do I do? Thanks so much for your help


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