Microsoft Word 2013 – Remove Markup Area

In my previous post, I have encounters a problem in Microsoft Word 2013 where the markup area (a huge blank space on the right hand side which is colored in light silver / gray color) keep on pop-up whenever I tries to print my word document or I save my document to PDF format. Instead hiding it every time whenever I tries to print the document, I have found a way to completely remove it.


How Does This Happen

First, how does this happen? It is probably you or some one had added a comment in your word document but you didn’t realize about it. User can add comment on document by simply right click and select New Comment. Since it is pretty simple, you might accidentally click on it without realize it.


Solution to Remove The Markup Area

Step 1: Open the word document which have this kind of problem. Goto Review tab on top.


Step 2: Make sure the All Markup is selected in the Tracking menu. Now, click the Next button in the Changes menu.


Step 3: Now the word should show your the comment which you or some one added in the document.


Step 4: Right-click on the comment and select Delete Comment in order to delete the comment.


Step 5: Repeat Step 2 to Step 4 until all comments are deleted.


Step 6: Remember to save your word document. By default, the markup area will be hidden when you open it the next time.


Hope this small tips can help you get rip of the trouble whenever you print your word documents, especially those documents which require a lot of editing like research thesis.


By Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

88 thoughts on “Microsoft Word 2013 – Remove Markup Area

  1. It was also driving me batty. I went to the review tab and clicked ‘show comment’ and the markup area went away. Along with the others i thank you.


  2. Good morning,

    I have a user making track changes in Office 2013 word document in compatibility mode from an Office 2007 documents,
    The track bar is too far from the document.

    Your assistance I greatly appreciated.


  3. This didn’t work for me. The annoying side bar is still there. I can’t save or print the document without this white space appearing on the right side.


  4. Well, I hate surprise control over my work without my knowledge. It showed that I pushed button accidently and un noticed. It took me time to search how to remove but it showed me what is “Makeup area” it lead me to find the instruction to show me to remove. It saved me time and frustration! Thanks a lot!


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