MouseHunt AutoBot 2.00

Actually I haven’t been playing the MouseHunt for a really long long time, maybe 2013. But many players messaged me that the bot I created so many years ago was broken now due to the latest changes. I’m really surprised. I though that the bot was broken many years ago and others has took up the responsibility and make a newer version to replace mine.


Since it is a new year, I will do MouseHunt player a flavour. I fixed the bot and name it 2.00! But I don’t have much time to test it, it should work for all the normal sounding horn and waiting for next timer. The rest, I haven’t tested for it.

I have uploaded the new script to GitHub, so that it be shared and fork by anyone who is interested to take it over.

GitHub page:

Update: Aggressive mode is broken in 2.00, please use without aggressive mode while I will fix it later.

3 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 2.00

  1. I don’t understand the instructions. could someone explain how to get it working again?

    Download mousehunt-autobot.user.js to your local drive.

    where do I download that file?

    Drag and drop on supported browser.

    How do I drag it onto google chrome?


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