Opera Browser Unable Play Embed Music / Sound Problem

This problem had bugged me for a few days bacause the code I written was working previously but not now. Search up and down but I can’t found any solution especially Opera is not commonly use by most people. I use the following code to play music at the background for other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, they work flawless but not on Opera browser for the latest version 11.50.


I reinstalled Apple Quick Time and Opera for a few time and nothing since to fix the problem at all. After some random testing and almost given up, I found the problem and solution. Opera latest version won’t play any music / sound / video if the hidden is set to true! Yes, that all, just because of the small changes and it screw me up for one whole week. But I still want to play the music / sound without letting people to see the player / control, so I use following code to achieve the same thing yet work on the latest Opera web browser.


Hope the information is helpful for those who had trouble with Opera web browser. Opera had lot of problem with the embed tag, I still can’t found a way to let the Opera continually play the music even I set loop to true. If you know how, do tell me in the comment, thanks.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog