MouseHunt AutoBot Stop Working After Opera Update

MouseHunt Auto will stop working without any error after Opera web browser update and if you enable secure connection (https) for your Facebook account. This is because Opera will reset the UserPrefs after update. You need to enable back UserJavaScriptonHTTPS in  UserPrefs in order for any user scripts to run in secure connection or https.

Here explain how you can enable user script in secure connection for Opera web browser.

I very busy on other stuff lately. Please expect some delay answering your question and script update need to be postpone unless got major problem only.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Enable User Scripts on Secure Page (HTTPS) in Opera Browser

You might notice Opera actually did not allow user script to run on secure page (page with https address) by default, but we need this in order to run user script on our game in Facebook which now can be run on a secure connection or https.

The fix is simple, simply open the given link “opera:config#UserPrefs|UserJavaScriptonHTTPS“, tick User JavaScript on HTTPS and remember to click Save (at the bottom)!

You will need to restart your Opera browser to make it work (simply close and re-open back the Opera browser). You should see the dialog box below. just click Yes and you can now execute user script on https.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Opera Browser Unable Play Embed Music / Sound Problem

This problem had bugged me for a few days bacause the code I written was working previously but not now. Search up and down but I can’t found any solution especially Opera is not commonly use by most people. I use the following code to play music at the background for other browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome, they work flawless but not on Opera browser for the latest version 11.50.

I reinstalled Apple Quick Time and Opera for a few time and nothing since to fix the problem at all. After some random testing and almost given up, I found the problem and solution. Opera latest version won’t play any music / sound / video if the hidden is set to true! Yes, that all, just because of the small changes and it screw me up for one whole week. But I still want to play the music / sound without letting people to see the player / control, so I use following code to achieve the same thing yet work on the latest Opera web browser.

Hope the information is helpful for those who had trouble with Opera web browser. Opera had lot of problem with the embed tag, I still can’t found a way to let the Opera continually play the music even I set loop to true. If you know how, do tell me in the comment, thanks.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

Install / Uninstall User Script on Opera

I decided to write a simple guide on how to install and uninstall user script on Opera after many users keep on asking the same question.

How to install user script on Opera:

Step 1: Create a New Folder on your PC. Rename it. Make sure this folder is safe and did not get deleted by other user on the PC as it will be use to store all user script use in Opera.

Step 2: Open Opera, go to Menu > Settings > Preferences…

Step 3: In Preferences dialog, goto Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options…

Step 4: In JavaScript Option dialog, under User JavaScript folder, click Choose… to select the folder you just created at Step 1.

Step 5: Click OK to close the JavaScript Option dialog.

Step 6: Click OK to close Preference dialog.

Step 7: Download the user script you want from website such as

  • If you want to download script from, right-click on the Install button and select Save Linked Content As… and save it to the folder you created at Step 1.
  • Make sure your file you download is end with “.user.js” for example like “filename.user.js” without the .user.js the script will not work. It is recommanded to rename it to “MouseHuntAutoBot.user.js” so that it is easy to remember later on.

Step 8: Done. Continue to read if you want to know how to edit the script.

Step 9: Go to the folder you created in Step 1. Right-click on the script and select Edit.

  • Notepad will be open and it will allow user to edit the script.

Step 10: Edit the script according your need and save it. Reload any page you want to apply the script on your Opera for immediate effect apply.

  • If you want to edit the script in future, just repeat the Step 9 and Step 10.

How to uninstall user script on Opera:

Super duper easy, just go to the folder where you save all the script for Opera (like the one created in Step 1) and delete the script from the folder. Done!

Hope this post can help to save some trouble facing by the new users.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog