How to Configure Outlook 2010 for USM Student Mail (Updated)

If you are a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students and you have Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed on your PC. You might have the trouble connecting your Microsoft Outlook 2010 with your student mail, just like me. Thing get worse when the student mail fully migrate to Microsoft Exchange instead of hosting on live server which cause hotmail connector no longer work. I’m not going to use POP3 setting like the FAQ mention in USM Mail website, who the hack on earth still using POP3 anyway. If you setup your Outlook to use IAMP for USM student mail like what I did previously, you will have a lot of trouble like confirm the certificate every time open Outlook or some time cannot connect to the server!

Enough of the problems. Now I’m here to share how I’m able to fully connected to the mail server.

1. Close your Microsoft Outlook if is open (Install Microsoft Outlook first if you haven’t done so).

2. Go to Control Panel  > Mail (32-bit)

3. Click on  E-mail Accounts…

4.  Click on New… under E-mail tab (You must remove your student mail account you had previously configure into the Microsft Outlook which will be listed below.)

5.  Select E-mail Account and click Next on the bottom.

6.  Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click Next on the bottom.

7. Select Microsoft Exchange or compatible service  and click Next on the bottom. (If you why Microsoft Exchange, the new student mail had moved to Microsoft Exchange server instead of Live server)

8.  Enter “” into Server and your student mail address ( into User Name and click More Settings… on the bottom. (If you wonder where to get the server name, check the information bellow) (Don’t click on Check Name now, it will fail for sure)

9. Select Connection tab and check Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP under Outlook Anyway. Then click Exchange Proxy Setting…

10. Enter “” into the proxy server and select Basic Authentication for Proxy authentication settings then click OK on the bottom.  (If you wonder where to get the proxy server name, check the information bellow)

11. Click OK again to close the dialog for Exchange setting.

12. Now you can click on Check Name to see if all configuration is correct or not. If everything go right, you shall see a dialog pop up to call you enter the password. You shall see the Server and User Name changed to text with underline if all configuration success. Click Next.

13. Click Finish on the bottom and we are done!

14. Open your Microsoft Outlook and you will have your e-mail there.


If you want to know how to get the server name and proxy server name. Here is how you get that.

1. Login to your email through web browser.

2. Click on the help icon and select About.

3. Exchange Client Access server name is the server name for the mail box and Host name is the proxy server name for login.


The major problem for USM student mail is they use Microsoft Exchange server by still using live ID for authentication. Thus by using default Microsoft Exchange Server setting or Live Mail setting will not work at all. I’m very disappointed on how USM provide support on their e-mail service. After long explain on how great they now move to a new server but tell user to use POP3 setting. Then what is the point offering calendar service while we only can use POP3 setting for Outlook?

P.S.: Using Windows Live Mail program for USM student mail will only allow you to receive e-mail but it won’t be able to send out e-mail due to Windows Live Mail program only support SSL connection while USM student mail require TLS connection.

by Ooi Keng Siang (Microsoft Student Partners) via Ooiks’s Blog

Setup Microsoft Outlook 2010 for USM Student Mail

This no longer work after USM move the server to Microsoft Exchange server. Check my latest post instead

If you are a Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) students and you have Microsoft Outlook 2010 installed on your PC. You might have the trouble connecting your Microsoft Outlook 2010 with your student mail. Although USM student mail can be access through just like other hotmail or live mail, but direct enter your e-mail address on outlook like hotmail or live mail will not work in Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Your probably had search through for an answer for this problem but end out with no solution other than just using POP3. I personally dislike POP3 as it download the all mails from your inbox and it will not sync with your mail box online after that. I prefer IMAP which allow my outlook to sync with my mail online so that I can continue my work on e-mail through web browser on other PC without worry that what I see is different on my outlook.

So how we do the trick using IMAP on Microsoft Outlook 2010? It is very simple.

Step 1: Go to File on top of your menu and click on Add Account.

Step 2: Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types instead of E-mail Account. Then click Next.

Step 3: Select Other and choose Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector. If your Outlook does not have Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, just do a simple search on Bing, you should get the installer very easy. Then click Next.

Step 4: Enter your name, your student e-mail address and password. Then click OK.

Step 5: Done, we had finish setting up the account. Just click Finish and start access your student mail through Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Aren’t it is simple? Just wondering why Microsoft Outlook 2010 cannot automatically do the trick instead.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog