PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 1

PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010, the day had finally come. Me and my team members were so excited to visit Hong Kong for this competition since last year because the competition had delay 1 year due to AH1N1 blast off last year. Today, we finally step on the land of Hong Kong. Yes, this is the first time we visit Hong Kong and today is my birthday as well!

Once we step into the departure hall at the airport, student ambassadors and the video capturing team are long awaited for us. Before we ever get the time to shake of our sleepiness, video interview was waiting for us already. After some quick video interviewing, we are ready to go. We meet our student ambassador, Jackie and she is going to take care of us for the following whole week. Nice to have her there.

After reaching at PolyU student hall, we do a quick registration and went to our room. First impression of PolyU student hall or hostel to me is the security is very strict!  Security guard and check point are everywhere. Going in and out require us to scan our badge. Gosh, I guess we are really safe in the building. While waiting for the Welcome Drink, Jackie bring us around the student hall and introduce us the facility in the student hall. Wawee, they have karaoke room, swimming pool,  gym room, snooker room, gaming room and etc. Gosh, that is so much different with our Malaysia university hostel facility.

During Welcome Drink event we meet some competitors around the world. Cool man, but there are 28 teams competing, this is going to be tough. After that we went out for dinner ourselves. Exploring around and went into one of the local restaurant to try some local food. Yeah, they are great! Our ever first meal at Hong Kong. Yummy… maybe we are just too hungry…

Time to go back and start preparing our presentation…

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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