PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 5

Day 5 at Hong Kong. It was a rainy day. Today start with group photo taking with all competitors from both university division and secondary division. I wish I can have a copy of the photo later on. After that, the Tai-chi experience. We had 2 tai-chi master here to teach us tai-chi. This was the first time I learn tai-chi through English language. Feeling kind of weird. Ops, I totally forgot all the tai-chi steps while following the master. If my master who teach me tai-chi last time know it, I’m definitely die for sure. Although this activity was short but it was very meaningful to me, like everyone from different countries and different races was there play tai-chi at the same time. Cool!

Next, we all went for a presentation given by Paul Pei, the executive director of sales and marketing from Ocean Park. We all though that this will be another boring presentation promoting Ocean Park, but we were wrong. The presentation was very interesting and funny. It share the story of Ocean Park, how Paul and his team re-brand their service to fight the mouse (Disneyland)! He show us the important of branding and how he did it. I really learn a lot from his talk. He is indeed a great speaker that make us laugh non-stop. I guess this is the reason make him the executive director of sales and marketing. One of the competitors actually commented that this was the first presentation in Hong Kong that he can stay awake until the end.

Following up next was the Ocean Park! There were lot of peoples there and most of them were tourist. The thing I want to see the most there is the panda! But we arrive on a bad timing because the panda was just finished it’s meal and went to sleep. All I can saw was it’s butt facing me while it sleeping facing the wall. Due to rainy day, some of the roller coaster stop servicing. Too bad for my team members who want to try that out. But it had nothing to do with me because I’m not a roller coaster lover and in fact I hate it. Impression of Ocean Park to me was small zoo + small theme park at a large park. A lot of construction is performing on the park, I guess they are still upgrading.

After the Ocean Park, we personally went for dinner ourselves. We went and try out steamboat. We saw a lot of shop promoting steamboat so we decided to try it out. Not bad actually, but I miss tom yam soup for steamboat at Malaysia.

That was all for today. Tomorrow will be the final round presentation for all top 6 teams for both university division and secondary division. I’m definitely going to watch their presentation. All the best for all teams that are going to present tomorrow.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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