Microsoft Student Partners Boot Camp 2010 Experience

I been lucky enough to be selected in the Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program. So what is this all about?  MSP program is a worldwide educational program sponsored by Microsoft. It encourage student to share technology knowledge with other students in the campus. Every year, a number of students from each university will go through application, interview and short listed before they can become a MSP that represent Microsoft in their own campus.

As a new MSP, we need to go through a 3 days boot camp. A full of activity and sleepless 3 days night, but it is very fun. The activity include self introduction, team building, paint ball shooting, experience sharing, presentation, Xbox time and many many more. By the way, this is the first time I play paint ball, it is kind of pain but a good experience. 3 days is kind of short, but I guess too many days will have kill us, because we don’t really sleep though out the whole boot camp. I got the chance to meet other MSP from other university and MSP alumni. All of them are so cool and nice, we learn lot of thing from each others. By the way, this year we have the most girls participate in MSP. Add another reason to join MSP for junior.

My MSP journey start here. Lot of works awaiting me. Stay tune for more update later on.

MSP website:

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks Blog

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