Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia – Day 2

Today is the day, the judgment day for all the competitors of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. It all start at 9am sharp. All teams are given 10 minutes to present their idea / solution to the judges at their own booth. 10 minutes presentation at an open area is very tough I can said. I can know how nervous the competitors are through their face expression. Walking around at their own booth with a script while rehearse what they are going to present next.

While they are presenting, I was running around to take their photo (see below) and shooting their video. I hardly got time to learn about their great and innovation ideas wish I really wanted. the interesting thing is some of the competitors told me that they actually read my blog for those tips of presentation and follow my blog through out the event. Yeah, that is the reason why I here in the Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia to blog about this great event happen at Kuching.

I was given a chance to give a talk to the secondary students whom come and learn about the great ideas bring by the top 30 teams. This remind me that some countries that are actually sending secondary students for the Imagine Cup because they bet the others in the local final. So I’m telling the secondary students to think out of the box as they might be the next top 30 who will be presenting at next year Imagine Cup Malaysia. Who’s know right?

After the whole busy morning, the top 6 teams that successfully enter the final has announced after lunch time. They are Filius Educata (UCTI), Excalibur (UTM), Asia Science (UCTI), KCast (KDU), Cyber Knightz (UCTI), RGBY (UKM)! 3 out of 6 teams from UCTI which the university that won the champion last year. I bet the university is putting a lot of effort and support on their students in Imagine Cup. This year, I’m manage to squeeze in and watch the top 6 teams presentation. Each teams blast me off with their nice polished user interface. Well done! The Imagine Cup Malaysia this year is sure getting tougher compare with last year.

For those who didn’t manage to enter the top 6 finalist, don’t give up. I can see you all have a great ideas or solutions but the presentation skill and user interface design skill are just not good enough compare to those who manage to enter the top 6. The world still need you all, the great ideas and solutions you all come out. So don’t give up and I really want to see you all standing on the stage again next year.

Next agenda waiting for us is the grand dinner. That what we are waiting for. The grand dinner with top 3 teams presentation and follow by the result announcement of the Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. We got traditional dance performance entertaining us while we all are having our dinner.  All 3 teams from UCTI won the top 3 places in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia. Great job UCTI. Want to know the final result of Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia, check out my next post.


Thousand apologizes to Team KCast and The Third Cloud from KDU for renaming the photo wrongly.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog


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