Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia Result

So which team shall be flying Malaysia flag on the worldwide final of Imagine Cup 2011 at New York City, US this year? Let me give you the list of all the winner this year in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia.

Software Design Category

  • Champion: Cyber Knightz (UCTI)
  • First-runner Up: Filius Educata (UCTI)
  • Second-runner Up: Asia Science (UCTI)

Other Awards

  • Innovation Award: Cyber Knightz (UCTI)
  • Phone 7 Mobile Development Award: V-Real (TARC)
  • Azure Cloud Computing Award: RGBY (UKM)
  • Presentation Superstars Award: Asia Sciences (UCTI)

As you can see, UCTI swap the most prizes in Imagine Cup 2011 Malaysia and they won twice in Imagine Cup Malaysia so far. I bet the university is putting a lot of effort pushing their students in Imagine Cup competition. Well done and great job. Since last year Team HDC went all the way into top 6 of worldwide final of Software Design, so we are expecting the team this year to do even better! We are counting on you team Cyber Knightz to bring back the cup this year.

I shall be tagging along with the team to the worldwide final of Imagine Cup 2011 at New York City, US. I’m selected as one of the 25 Microsoft Student Partners of Social Media Team that will bring you all the most up to date of the event at NYC through social media channel. I can’t wait to be there. New York City, I coming together with Team Cyber Knightz.

Cyber Knightz (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Tan Jit Ren
  • Chan Wai Lun
  • Ker Jia Chiun
  • Wong Mun Choong

Project Overview: Health3 (Pronounced as Healthy) is a health minded application that targets to improve the health of a cancer patient from the very basic needs of a human, which are food intakes, exercise and emotional needs. By just taking three simple steps provided in our application, which are customize, deploy and start monitoring, cancer patients can find all the useful utilities that will help them in improving their health and increasing the chance of survival.


Filius Educata (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Mohamed Mahmoud Talaat El Bedwihi
  • Ong Yi Ling
  • Desiree Chow Yik Fong
  • Derek Ooi Jiun Yee

Project Overview: Our project is a one-stop solution that utilizes  web and mobile technologies in order to contribute greatly to the prevention of the serious issue of domestic abuse against women in urban areas. The web application is meant for the women themselves (victims or survivors) and for women’s rights groups. The general public and government bodies are also provided with minimal access. The mobile applications is mainly catered to the women themselves, and to their trusted friends. On the mobile side, our most important feature is the “panic response”. If a women is in an abusive situation, activating this function on her mobile phone will send out notifications to her trusted people and NGOs. Her location is identified using GPS, and an audio recording of what is going on will be stored securely elsewhere (on the cloud). this cloud be used as evidence in the future. In the web application, we provide functionality for the women to connect to each other and share their stories, to connect to the  women;s rights groups, to access available shelters, and to educate themselves on abuse through content that has been provided by the right groups. We also provide functionality fr the NGOs to reach out to the women with education content, shelter detail updates and to maintain statistical data that are to be viewed later on by government bodies. For the general public, we have incorporated a reporting system which they can easily use to anonymously report domestic abuse cases in their neighborhood. With this, we hope contribute in the fight towards gender equality and prevention of abuse towards women.


Asia Science (UCTI)

Team Members:

  • Hamed Mortaji
  • Perinba Selva Nayagi Ramachandran
  • Krishnashree A/P Tamby Raja
  • Ali Arabzadeh Ahaleriz

Project Overview: The project is an enterprise system that manages transmission of power in power substations. The project is divided into 3 major parts: Desktop Applications, Azure Application & Thin Client Application.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog



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