MouseHunt AutoBot Stop Working After Opera Update

MouseHunt Auto will stop working without any error after Opera web browser update and if you enable secure connection (https) for your Facebook account. This is because Opera will reset the UserPrefs after update. You need to enable back UserJavaScriptonHTTPS in  UserPrefs in order for any user scripts to run in secure connection or https.

Here explain how you can enable user script in secure connection for Opera web browser.

I very busy on other stuff lately. Please expect some delay answering your question and script update need to be postpone unless got major problem only.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

7 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot Stop Working After Opera Update

  1. I also the same here… only mozilla firefox is affected when using facebook to access MH. if i use to access, the bug on firefox or the autobot will make the site keep refreshing, wating my RAM till maximum. my com got 8 GB ram and all is lost in firefox.. ha to shut off firefox and the process will repeat if using firefox going to Please help look into this matter. THanks…

    BTW: Huge fan of yours!


  2. I followed your instructions for Opera, but can’t get the script to work.

    1. Changed script file name to “.user.js”
    2. Enabled secure settings on Opera

    Could it be that it’s because it is Opera version 12.0?


  3. The script was working on opera yesterday on mousehunt on facebook(not on today it isnt running on either site. did they make some sort of update? How do i get it to run?


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