Fish Wrangler AutoBot 1.07 – Fix New Code Update on Fishing Rod

Sound like Fish Wrangler developers are busy updating the game while they updating their game, they also break the script. The script perform a lot of security check so that it make sure it run correctly. Fish Wrangler now using new url to cast rod instead of the old url This cause the previous version of the script stop working because it can’t found the link with the old url. They also mixing up facebook domain and fish-wrangler domain name in their link for different browsers which give me a lot of problems and cause the delay for the update.

The new script have fix all those problems and many thanks for players whom activity reporting the problem to me so that I can fix the script as soon as possible. Let’s keep our finger cross that no more code update that can spoil the script. Please continue to report to me if you found any bug or the game developer break the script again.


Script Description

Fish Wrangler AutoBot is a simple user script to automate the process of catching fish in Fish Wrangler application in Facebook. In a simple word, bot for Fish Wrangler. Time of next rod cast will show on the webpage title and page. Users can customize the script according to their need by themselves such as add extra random time delay before casting the rod (Please look for UserPreferenceSetting in the script).



Main Features

  • Automatically cast rod when time’s up with extra random time define by user.
  • Show next rod casting time and others timer in the page and title.
  • Play music when found treasure cheats.
  • Cross-browsers support.


Paltform Support


Browser Support

  • Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey add-on
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome



  • Use this script at your own risk because AutoBot script is again the rule set by Fish Wrangler, that is users are prohibits the use of auto-refreshers, BOTs, constantly refreshing the Fish Now link.
  • You are reminded not to use your real name or the same name you use in Facebook to post / reply discussion here because some one might go after you and please don’t ask me why I use my real name here.
  • Do uninstall any other Fish Wrangler automation scripts or auto page reload scripts before install this script to prevent conflict with this script.


Known Issues

  • The script may appear much later after the page had loaded.
  • Google Chrome with Facebook secure login (https) may not play sound correctly.
  • Running in Facebook will not show any timer on the page title due to iframe problem.


How to Install User Script



Download through userscript website.


Version 1.07

  • Fix for unable to cast fishing rod when time is up due to code changed in game
  • Fix script cannot start properly when going from Facebook to Fish Wrangler official page
  • Fix script cannot simulate the click on the link in Firefox

Version 1.06

  • Fix for Fish Wrangler major code updates


by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiksโ€™s Blog

34 thoughts on “Fish Wrangler AutoBot 1.07 – Fix New Code Update on Fishing Rod

  1. Thank you so much for the update ๐Ÿ™‚ – It really means a lot to me and many others ! Thanks .


  2. I know this is not your scripts but I was wondering if you would know why the submit fuction isn’t working for attackers in FW. Also would there be anyway to have it added in to your script?

    It would be the Flying Penguin/ Rabid Racoon/ Polar Bear part, it is able to pick one of the 4 options but does not submit.


  3. Hi, my countdown timer for the next cast time seems to be stucked, the bot cant auto fish now.

    using lastest version of firefox and window 7



  4. Hi Ooi, have been using your script for quite sometime. Seems like the developers have renewed their script for Fish Wrangler. Would certainly look forward to a renew-ed script for Fish Wrangler to beat the updated game codes! Many thanks in advance!


      1. Using your script on Chrome. I stopped earlier today after i got the “someone is stealing our fishing rod” message on the top of the window when i hit the treasure chest.


  5. Within the past 2 days, the next cast time in v1.07 is now counting faster than the actual fishing time. So by the time ~15 minutes is up, there is still 4 to 6 minutes until the next cast timer is up. Is this just me or did something change on the FW site? I am not using the site within Facebook.


  6. Care using this when you’re using the Mersuit. If you don’t check on it a few times a day, you can easily lose 2million+ gold from fishing in a very sick suit.


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