setTimeOut Did Not Function Correctly in Greasemonkey 0.9.19 / Firefox 12

 [Updated] Greasemonkey version 0.9.20 beta released, check out my latest post

Today I got lot of complains from players whom using MouseHunt AutoBot or Fish Wrangler AutoBot that the script stop working in Firefox. The problem they are facing is the timer only manage to run half way (maybe 2 – 3 seconds) then it stop. While the other browsers can run the script without any problem at all. This is because Greasemonkey just push out their latest update 0.9.19 to your Firefox browser without you knowing and this version screw up the setTimeOut javascript function which is used to run the timer in the script. In version 0.9.19, they claim to have a better version of setTimeOut function wrapper, but in fact it screw thing up. Maybe you wondering why the in game timer run without any problem but that is because they are using the actual javascript engine offer in Firefox and not though Greasemonkey like user script.

What you can do then? For the mean time, use other browsers like Opera or Chrome until there is another update by Greasemonkey that fix this problem. Or you still insist want to use Firefox? Then you will need to downgrade your Greasemonkey version. How to do it? First, uninstall your Greasemonkey add-on in Firefox then restart your Firefox. Then go to install version 0.9.18 instead. you might need to reinstall the user script too. Please note that your friendly Firefox will try to help you update the Greasemonkey to the latest version if you restart Firefox.

Let’s keep our fingers cross that Greasemonkey release an update to fix this mess. I will update you all when a better solution found.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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