Speed Typing – Challenge Accepted

It all started when one of my friends posted a challenged post on Facebook. Beat his result in 10fastfingers.com. So me and my friends think it will be fun to accept the challenge and maybe make fun on our friend a little bit. Ever though we have been warned not to use any kind of cheating… well…


Two of my friends posted those updates instead. I’m not sure how they did it, but here are the results. My friend suspected about the results, but I don’t really care, because I was busy writing script that time which I’m good at instead of trying to type and beat the record.


After a few testing, I’m a bit disappointed because it only give 361 words in the game and I can’t go any further then that. So here is my result. Of cause, all my friends know that I’m cheating because no body can type that fast anyway. 361 words per minute, unless I’m an alien right?

In the end, my friends call me an alien. Not sure is because the result I posted or the speed I use to write the cheating script. Since I got nothing to do with the script after I making fun of my friend, here is the copy of the script (you need to rename it to 10FastFingersAutoBot.user.s after download). I tried on Opera only, although theoretically it should be able to work on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome too. Since I was lazy to write the auto space key stroke, you need to manually hit the space bar yourself. Please don’t spam 10fastfingers.com with this script.

Another friend of mine beat my record! But how? He took my screen shot and photoshop-ed the result. You can see the link is from different domain and as I said there are only 361 word available for player to type only. So 443 words per minute is impossible. But this is kind of cool to troll my friend.


Next time, don’t challenge your friends speed typing through Facebook. Especially if you have a bunch of crazy Computer Sciences / IT background friends or friends with so many free time to hack the game instead of playing it.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

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