MouseHunt AutoBot 2.03 Update

A quick update on the script to fix a couple of issues reported.

  • King’s Reward no sound.
  • Script stop running even when player is in camp.
  • Trap check is not working properly.
  • Clean up a bunch of useless code.
  • Add a donate link.


GitHub page:

Some player having problem on installing the script on Firefox, here are a new tutorial I written. If you are not familiar with GitHub, here are another tutorial for you. Sorry that I can’t reply every single message / e-mail you sent me, but I do read them and act accordingly.

I really wonder why player still come looking for me to fix the script when there are a couple of user script that are based on my previous script and they are more powerful in some way. Maybe you can tell me why.

4 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 2.03 Update

  1. 1. You are doing a pretty good SEO here as your page always shows as the top search result.
    2. It seems other forks of this script are being abandoned, leaving you the only active developer (again).
    3. Other forks are powerful indeed, but also a bunch of spaghetti code that makes others hard to maintain.


  2. I used to use your bot before, but then I used bot. Now the Devcnn bot is discontinued and abandoned. So now, it’s back to you.


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