MouseHunt AutoBot 2.05 Update

I’m back in the game, it has been a while since I left the game. Enjoying the Chinese New Year event and Winter Olympic event (also server down event).  Here are some quick update what is in the latest update.

  • Do no disturb time. (Help avoid warning sound when you sleep. Sleep is important)
  • Cheese zero warning.
  • Stop warning sound when king reward is resolved.
  • Clean up a bunch old code.


A couple of issues that are still around:

  • King reward warning sound still go on and on if clicking on the resume button too fast.
  • Last King reward is not showing the correct time.


GitHub page:

Some player having problem on installing the script on Firefox, here are a new tutorial I written. If you are not familiar with GitHub, here are another tutorial for you. Sorry that I can’t reply every single message / e-mail you sent me, but I do read them and act accordingly.

35 thoughts on “MouseHunt AutoBot 2.05 Update

      1. i’m running chrome and am hunting from mousehunt site. the same behavior, i noticed in both my laptop and my pc (both running chrome).


      1. running at google chrome. both facebook and

        keeps on displaying this and no horn sounding
        Horn sounded. Synchronizing data..


      2. i couldn’t reply to your reply on my reply. but yes, it properly counts down but when the horn is sounded (manually or automatically), it gets stuck and says: “Horn sounded. Synchronizing”. but the timer does not come back.


      1. 1st horn is ok, but the next horn. will be like this :
        Next Hunter Horn Time: Horn sounded. Synchronizing data..

        it will always be on sync data.

        than i have to press refresh page. 1st horn is ok than sync data. and this repeat again.


  1. i think the problem lies within the usage of the classic layout. script works without a hitch with the new layout but becomes problematic with the classic layout (tbh i prefer the classic layout more but whatever).


      1. my only problem with the new layout is you have to manually refresh the page during king’s reward. otherwise timer won’t refresh. also i like the classic layout better T-T. but okay. thanks for the script anyway 😀


  2. Can you put in your script to automatically solve King’s Reward? The MH Auto-KR Solver script available at greasyfork doesn’t work with the new layout. Hope you work on it. Thanks! 🙂


    1. it get annoying when i was in profile page or forum, once the “every few mins refresh” happen, it take me back to camp page.


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