Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia – Day 1

Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia start today at Pulau Langkawi. All competitors from university around Malaysia has come together at Awana Proto Malai, Pulau Langkawi to participate in Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia. Total of 29 teams from both public and private university in Malaysia had join this grand IT competition.

Beside the main competition (Software Design) which will be carry out tomorrow, ¬†Microsoft also announced another 2 side competition during the competitors briefing. They are photo shooting with photo sync and video capturing. Both competition are sharing the same title, “The Best Moment in Pulau Langkawi”. There are RM300 to be given away for this 2 competitions! Too bad, I guess I’m not allowed to participated.

While everyone was busy preparing their booth for tomorrow judgment day, ¬†I’m here to blog the latest update of this event. Too bad I have limited Internet connectivity, thus may not update my blog as frequency as I want, but I going to catch all the information and all the news and share with everyone once I had the chance. Meanwhile, stay tune in my twitter!

I’m so hungry after all the journey from Bella Vista Hotel to the event hall, but I’m looking forward to tonight BBQ dinner with all competitions. Lets make some friend and shoot some photo!

by Ooi Keng Siang

Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia, Here I come

Me and my team member (Team Cosmic) has been invited to attend Imagine 2010 Malaysia at Pulau Langkawi on 17th – 19th of May. This is the first time I attend Imagine Cup event as a guest instead of a competitor. I’m really excited and looking forward to meet all competitors from all university and visit Pulau Langkawi too as I never been there before (Yes, seriously I had never been there before).

I going to blog about the event in Imagine 2010 Malaysia here (Hope I’m not drunk after getting there and still got energy to write blog) or you can catch the latest update of Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia thought #myimaginecup tag in twitter or follow my twitter!

Let’s rock Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia at Pulau Langkawi!

by Ooi Keng Siang