Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia – Day 2

Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia 2010 day two start today! Every competitor is busy preparing their presentation since the very early morning. I can see some “panda” busy preparing over night with a very little sleep only.

There is a public showcase of each team’s solution to the public and as well as to the judges in the morning. I can see a few very interesting and promising projects. I had been spending the whole morning time to visit as many booths as I can to get to know more about each project, but I only manage to visit 16 booths out of 29 booths. I guess I don’t have that time to blog each and every project out at here now with my battery is running low now.

The top 7 teams that made it to the final round had announced. They are Beginner (Tarc), Celestial (USM), Cyber Marksman (UPNM), Hello World (UPM), Marshmellow (USM), Medialab Studio (UMP) and Team HDC (APIIT). Congratulation to all of them. Now all 7 teams are having their hard time presenting their solution to the judges, but too bad the section is close and private which I couldn’t get to see their live action.


There are a grand dinner later on tonight which the top 3 team will presenting on the stage. I guess this is the exciting time to see their presentation and get to know the final result of which team represent Malaysia going to the Poland. Stay tune to my twitter to the latest update.

by Ooi Keng Siang

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