Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia Result

Imagine Cup 2010 Malaysia had come to an end. Team HDC from APIIT will be presenting Malaysia in the worldwide final at Poland. This year, APIIT had hug away the most prizes and I can see team from UMP is doing a great job this year. As usual USM is still one of the big players in Imagine Cup Malaysia. It is very interesting to see more and more students and universities are stepping up for challenge compare with last year.

Champion: Team HDC (APIIT) – Project Apple

First-runner Up: Celestial (USM) – Map Integrated Disaster Sharing Portal (MiDS)

Second-runner Up: MediaLab Studio (UMP) – ECO-Bumi

The Best Presentation Award: Team HDC (APIIT) – Project Apple

The Coolest Application Award: Celestial (USM) – Map Integrated Disaster Sharing Portal (MiDS)

Multi-point Award: Cyber Knight (APIIT) – Global Knowledge Reactor

The Most Promising Award: Cyber MarksMan (UPNM) – Search And Rescue Tactical Management System  (SARTaMS)

Consolation prizes:

Beginner (UTarc) – Green Reconnect

Cyber MarksMan (UPNM) – Search And Rescue Tactical Management System  (SARTaMS)

Hello World (UPM) – SAFER

Marshmellow (USM) – Traveler Health Awareness Tracker

Too bad I didn’t get the chances to visit Team HDC’s booth during the showcase, thus missing the chances to watch their full live demo of their system. From the stage presentation, I can see Project Apple created by Team HDC is targeting to improve health and wellbeing by promoting good eating habits as they found out those bad eating habits is the main cause of most diseases. I like the clean interface they design, smooth and confident presentation. The coolest part is, they even integrated bar code scanning through camera to get more detail about nutrition in the fruit.

Celestial created Map Integrated Disaster Sharing Portal (MiDS) to provide a platform to alert public on disasters happening, share information and solve the problem through system community. The application utilized the deep zoom technology in Silverlight Bing Map which makes the application look very cool. The simple and easy to understand interface add another plus point for this team.

MediaLab Studio created Eco-Bumi, a video game that will educate gamers about eco-system preservation. Although is just a merely 2D game, but they use manga style of drawing which make the game look very interesting. The team even show me their backend coding during my visit to the booth, and I’m impressed by them.

I had a few comment on this Imagine Cup event and for the competitor as well, but I’ not too tired to list it out. I guess I will do it next time. Congratulation to all winner again and for those who did not grab away any prizes, don’t give up you had come so far, so please don’t stop at here. 🙂

by Ooi Keng Siang

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