PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 3

Finally the day had come, the judgment day. All 28 teams from university division and 29 teams from secondary school division will compete for the top 6 finalist places in each division. Everyone look so confident when heading to PolyU campus from student hall resident for presentation. This is not going to be easy!

Very unlucky that we got the very last slot for the presentation, thus we had to wait nervously until our turn came. But it was also lucky for us to got the chances to watch other competitors to present and got to know how tough the question throw by the judges. Man, the judges really gave all competitors a hard time. All the questions were very straight forward and strike on each business plan weakness. One of the judges in our room (all teams were divided into 6 group and compete in the same room) was an ex-economic ministry (something like that, I forget the full title), this make us even more nervous.

I can said all competitors were really good! They have great idea, great business plan and great presentation. We got the chances to watch one team from US to present in our room who actually got into the top 6. They got their product protected by applying IP, getting approver from some institution and many promising facts. They were fully prepared for everything. They done everything single thing that one who running the company will really do. I’m really impress with their passion toward their solution. I guess I still need a lot more passion if I really want to step into becoming an entrepreneur. I heard this team had gone into many competitions using this same product before and win too.

Finally our turn to present. We did our best to present our solution. Yes, finally we can use our tablet PC to present our solution although we present it without the projector. Well, at least we got the chances to demo it. Like other teams presented, the judges also gave us a hard time during question and answer section. One of the judges was confuse between software and hardware, like he had no idea what was the different between software application that consumer can purchase and install on their tablet. We had a hard time explaining that. Gosh, but he know about iPad and Windows.

After the presentation was the result announcement. As we had expected, we did not make it into the top 6. Our group’s competitors were very strong and competitive. We lose, but this does not stop us from continue having fun in Hong Kong. We are still looking forward for all the fun activities on the following days. I can’t remember the list of top 6 teams name in both division, I guess I will just skip it here.

We went for our dinner after that and have fun chatting non-stop among our team members because we finally reunion here in Hong Kong and have the time for chatting (no need to prepare for presentation any more). Time to sleep, adventure is waiting for me tomorrow.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

2 thoughts on “PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 3

  1. Hi Keng Siang, I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures of the PolyU comp. My daughter is in an Australian team from QUT and has made the final 6. I was interested to read about your thoughts on the American team – sounds very exciting. Hope you have a great time exploring Hong Kong. Once again thanks for the blog. It is interesting to get another persons perspective.


    1. Thanks for your support. Your compliment really give me a boost to continue blogging (although English writing is not really good). Well, there are so many teams and so many activities going around, I still didn’t have the chances to meet Australia team. Maybe I will meet them in the following day and tell some story here. 🙂


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