PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 4

Whole day of full of activities were waiting for us. Our first stop was the Hong Kong Science Park where innovation and creative idea turn into real business here. We were presented how the Sciences Park can help the new startup technology related companies especially those require research and development. We were given the chance to tour around the Science Park and got to know more about research and development carry out by the companies at Science Park. I didn’t found anything particular interest me expect the big egg sharp conference hall where we listen for the presentation.

Next was Dim Sum lunch at Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant. I was really hungry and excited to try out Hong Kong dim sum because many people told me that Hong Kong dim sum is the best. The restaurant is build on top of a giant big ship. In order to get to the restaurant, we need to board on a small boat first before we got on board onto the big Jumbo ship. That was something really special. The jumbo ship was really big and it was not shaky at all. The restaurant environment was great. It is full of Chinese kingdom style of design, the dragon symbol were everywhere. Everyone was queuing up to wait for the chances to sit on the dragon chair and took photo. Most important thing was… the food there was really great! Some of the competitors cannot make it for today activities (Not sure what happened) thus this left a lot of food for us to finish it off and we were really happy to do so because the food were just too delicious (I guess those who miss it must be regard by now). It is something that everyone should go and try out if visiting Hong Kong.

After the delicious lunch, our next activity was visiting Cyberport. It is something similar like Science Park but Cyberport is specially for multimedia, mobile and ICT related company only. The technology showcase here had caught my attention because of my interest in ICT technology. Most of the building here is inter-connected and the environment is so nice. There is a small park just outside of the building where I saw some of the employees were having their coffee and relaxing there with a nice sea view. Cinema and many food choices also available at there. Cool! I guess ICT people really know how to relax, that why I’m in this field.

We were sent back to student hall resident after that, while the top 6 teams for each division will have to do a 60 seconds of elevator pitch after this. Elevator pitch is not going to be easy. The key idea behind elevator pitch is to attract the attention of venture capitalist on your product before they left the elevator and the final goal is to get the second chance to present to them if they interested. I wish all 12 teams all the best for them.

Since we had nothing to do after that, we went to Mong Kok for dinner and side seeing. First impression of Mong Kok was… many many many peoples there. I never saw that many peoples on the street. There are a lot of things to shop there as well. Variety of food, cloth, accessory, gadget and etc ranging from cheap to expansive. We were there until 11 something before we caught the last few train back to the student hall.

Tai Chi tomorrow! I didn’t play tai chi since I graduated from secondary school and I had forgotten all the steps. Next will be Ocean Park, which is the most famous park in Hong Kong. I’m so looking forward for tomorrow activities.

by Ooi Keng Siang via Ooiks’s Blog

One thought on “PolyU Global Student Challenge 2010 – Day 4

  1. Hi Keng Siang,
    Most of my family are hooked on your blog now. Your detailed descriptions of events and expression are refreshing. Love the photos too. It looks like you had the best seats at the Jumbo restaurant. And I am glad to hear that it didn’t rock as my daughter gets horribly sea sick!!!

    In case you were wondering, my daughter Emily is in Enterprise Q. I emailed the link to your blog to her.

    Have a great day at Ocean Park. Hope the rain doesn’t spoil your day.

    Looking forward to the finals tomorrow.


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